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Josh Kesselman Net Worth


Josh Kesselman is an American entrepreneur who owns the RAW rolling paper company. He controls 30 percent of the rolling paper market in six states, making his net worth estimated at over $11 million. Although he is a businessman, Kesselman is more of a celebrity than a typical CEO. He makes frequent public appearances and maintains close relationships with various celebrities. Below are some facts about his net worth.

An idea to an empire 

After college, Josh Kesselman decided to open a rolling paper company called RAW. He started with Spanish rolling papers, but later sold them all and moved to Florida. He now has over 200 different custom papers on the market. In fact, his company was featured in a Wiz Khalifa song. Its sales have reached over $100 million. Its profits have tripled during the AIDS pandemic and it is now a major international brand.

Success of his Hard Work

Kesselman made his net worth by starting his own company, called Raw paper. He sells vegan-friendly rolling paper and has spread the raw brand to celebrities. He has also developed a social media following, which includes 2.1 million followers on Instagram. This has made him a multimillionaire in the e-cigarette industry. The RAW Company is now a globally recognized brand and employs over 2000 people in the United States and Europe.

Net Worth 

While there are many ways to make money, the main source of Kesselman’s net wealth comes from his business RAW. The RAW rolling paper company is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Kesselman is also the chief executive officer of RAW. His net worth is estimated at $42 million. This is a high number, especially considering the size of his company.

Young Blood

Josh Kesselman is a member of the Raw Vegan Rolling Papers founder community. He gives back to charities and missions that benefit children. The company he founded employs over 2000 people in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Josh Kesselman net worth is expected to reach $45 million by 2021. Josh Kesselman’s height and age are unknown. This information is not reliable, but he is known to be in his early twenties.


After leaving his retail career to start his own company, Kesselman made a move to Phoenix, Arizona, and seized the opportunity to build a business around smoking. His RAW Vegan Rolling Paper brand expanded to reach consumers worldwide and has grown to become a $10 million company. Today, Kesselman is an inspirational role model and is a well-known name in the cannabis industry. His success is testament to his dedication, and he has made his net worth look like a small business owner.

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