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Lead magnet as one of the trends of Instagram marketing

In the digital space, online entrepreneurs make maximum effort to promote their personal brands: work on content marketing, buy Instagram followers and advertising integration from bloggers, set up targeted advertisements. In the epicenter of great competition, it is important to learn how to involve and retain the target audience. Nowadays, a lead magnet is considered to be an effective tool for audience involvement, quality warming up, and converting into buyers.

Purposes of lead magnet applying for business

In the marketing world, trends are constantly changing. A great accent is done on automatic sales funnels. Lead management is the first step of the funnel, a hook for the client in the form of a free digital product. It is used not for sale, but the acquaintance with a product, idea, expertise, brand. The main goal is getting the client’s contacts for further work with him: personal data allow setting up targeted advertising or mailing lists, navigating potential clients through the automated message chain, and selling products.

The key task of a lead magnet is to warm up the client and build trust. This tool helps to increase profile activity and get new subscribers. If you have a young account, it is effective to buy instagram followers to create a good impression for a new audience.

The lead magnet examples helps to form a portrait of the target audience and allows you to better understand its needs.

It is aimed at building long-term relationships and therefore removes resistance. In case your business doesn’t apply a lead magnet, you are losing a great part of your audience.

How to pack a lead magnet?

The most convenient format is a text lead magnet, it usually looks like a PDF file. It can be an e-book, the sales script, checklist, instructions. The document can be uploaded to cloud storage or disk, and you can leave a link in the profile header of your social media, or on a website.

Webinars help build a stronger connection with your audience. People see the competence of the speaker, hear his speech, become convinced of his expertise.

A format of free consultation can take a few minutes. This is enough to expose the client’s problem and show that you can solve it.

The free trial of the product is used by all social media services. By offering this function, it’s easy to get people involved in the sales because they lose nothing. For lesser-known brands, this lead magnet will help build trust with customers. 

Criteria for a selling lead magnet

Try to create a high-quality product, even if it’s free. An effective lead magnet should contain a useful material, which solves the client’s pain. You may use a private Instagram video viewer to see how others are doing their jobs. Then try to come up with something unique and give something that cannot be obtained from competitors.

It is important to form an involving headline that provokes a specific emotion. In the introduction, answer the questions: who is this lead magnet for, what information will be disclosed, what problem it will help to solve. Tell about yourself to establish a connection with a potential client and get acquainted. Content should be easy to understand, useful, and structured. In the end, stimulate the potential client to go to the next step. Make calls to action:  subscribe to your profile, leave a request, sign up for a consultation.

Take the creation of your lead magnet very seriously. It is not only a data collection tool but the first acquaintance with a potential client. Based on it a person will form an opinion about the brand. You must show your knowledge, expertise, ability to solve a problem. Do your best to keep the content at a high level.

The look should be professional and pleasing. Instagram is a visual social network valuing aesthetics, beautiful fonts, neat graphics. The decision of a person about further interaction depends on how quality your materials will be on the Internet space.

Define your target audience and divide it into segments. For each category of customers, a personal sales funnel should be developed. A lead magnet should be specific, meet the desires and needs of your target audience, otherwise they will not download it. After interacting with a lead magnet, a person should get a measurable result.


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