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Lisa and Lena: The fortune of the influencer twins

How rich are Lisa and Lena?

Lisa and Lena became known worldwide through the app after they released the first video in June 2015. At the time, the twins were only 13 years old. Over time, the twin sisters published more videos in which they danced to the most famous pop songs. The two are now very successful as web video producers. The cherished Lisa and Lena’s net worth is 2 million euros.

internationally known

Income from Lisa & Lena

The duo from Stuttgart was well received on the platform and the account was soon even highlighted by the platform itself. Lisa and Lena achieved worldwide fame not only through the platform, but above all through a Facebook post by Ariana Grande. The singer called to Into you Challenge on where to perform to Grandes Hit. Lisa and Lena took part, of course. Ariane Grande commended and shared the twins in May 2016 Into you Video of the two girls. That gave the twins a tremendous amount of public attention.

Lisa and Lena sell some products, including Merchandising from your own shop – even with collaborations such as with Buffalo. But also coloring books, pens, sticker books, hairbrushes and much more are sold in cooperation with Depesche. The sisters’ products can also be found in some local shops.

This is how the growth succeeded

Salary of Lisa and Lena

After the duet started in June 2015, they already had around 10,000 followers in early 2016. From now on The followers doubled on Instagram and Due to the attention in the media, there were sometimes up to 30,000 new followers from all over the world a day.

At the beginning of June 2016 there was the first cooperation with a fashion label. Lisa and Lena were in public for the first time at the Videodays in Cologne in the summer of 2016. In 2017 they also released their first single under the title Not my fault released. In the meantime The twins have over 15 million Instagram followers. They no longer publish the original dance and playback videos. As a reason, the twins stated that “a lot of people post rashly and don’t even know who is seeing all this” and referred to their role model function.

Now they want to fully and completely dedicate to acting. Both had already tried their hand at moderation. For example, they moderated The Dome in 2018 and in April 2019 the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award at Europa-Park in Rust was moderated by the two.

Achievements and nominations

Credit to Lisa and Lena

With over 15 million Instagram followers belong Lisa and Lena are among the top 3 on the platform, which was taken over by the Facebook group a few years ago. Both are very successful in their age group, whereas they are completely unknown in other age groups.

Nevertheless, they continue to celebrate great successes. They won the Bravo Otto as Social Media Stars in 2016, as well as the Shorty Awards as Muser of the Year. The important New Faces Award as Lisa and Lena won Influencer of the Year in 2017.

Lisa & Lena sources of income

In November 2019, the first shoes in collaboration between their brand J1MO71 and Buffalo brought on the market. This was preceded by a major campaign under the hashtag #NOTLIKED, which drew media attention to the Buffalo brand.

In addition, they make their own products available for sale, for example in drugstores. The collaboration with Depesche can be found on Amazon, among other places. The merch products are well received by the fans, which is why you can imagine that the products are definitely a financial success.

Lisa and Lena do not have big expenses, however, because the respective companies take on the necessary logistics. Usually with this type of collaboration there is one percentage of profit sharing, which is between 20 and 30 percent. In this way, the twins can further increase their wealth.

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