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Lothar Matthäus: Wealth and Income

How much money does Lothar Matthäus have?

Lothar Matthäus not only made a name for himself on the soccer field, but also through his countless love affairs. In addition to the smart Lothar, there was also his assets always attractive to women. Born in Herzogenaurach, he was a global brand for his hometown early on, as was the city-based sports brand “Puma” with which Lothar Matthäus concluded many advertising contracts. In addition to the millions that Matthäus earned as a footballer and coach, he is still an advertising icon today. The record international player also worked as a columnist for the Bild newspaper and as a presenter for various TV stations. According to our research, his is estimated fortune around 30 million euros.

The inestimable fortune of Lothar Matthäus

Lothar Matthäus fortune
The former libero and world champion of the German national team in 1990 comes from a middle-class Franconian family. He is actually a trained interior decorator and could hardly have earned so much in this profession. Matthew knew early on how to increase his money. Hence, it is very difficult to estimate one’s fortune. It was not least his wife Silvia who increased his fortune by trading in currencies and various stock deals. But the world footballer himself also got a taste for playing with money after his time at Bayern Munich, like Uli Hoeneß. He acted in his own way with Italian and Spanish industrial leaders and is said to be his fortune Early 90s have increased by over 40%. Even then should be annual salary at FC Bayern Munich at 5 million marks have been lying.

His greatest successes

  • European champion 1980
  • World Champion 1990
  • UEFA Cup with FC Bayern and Inter Milan
  • Europe’s footballer of the year 1990
  • World footballer 1991
  • 7 times German champions (FC Bayern Munich)
  • 1 time Italian champion (Inter Milan)

Salary as a TV expert at Sky and RTL

As a TV expert, Lothar earns a top Bundesliga game for the pay TV broadcaster Sky a good salary since 2012/13 and has also been an international match expert at RTL since 2021. According to insider circles, the salary should be around 10,000 euros per use move. That is a lot of money when you consider that Lothar is in action on 34 Bundesliga matchdays alone.

Lothar Matthäus and advertising

Lothar Matthäus fortune
His smart appearance, peppered with his football skills and, last but not least, his glamorous appearances next to the football field, made Lothar Matthäus an advertising icon. Among other things, he advertised a lottery portal and the mobile communications company Tele2. The soccer star made his final breakthrough in advertising after the 1990 World Cup with a worldwide advertising campaign by “American Express”. Although he received just under $ 100,000 for this, Lothar Matthäus experienced a real image boost with the pictures of the American star photographer Annie Leibovitz. In addition, the former national coach has advertising contracts with various sports brands.

Five divorces

Even after five divorces, Lothar Matthäus does not find perfect happiness with women. We list the marriages and children of the footballer:

  • 1981 – 1992: Sylvia two daughters (Alisa and Viola)
  • 1994 – 1999: Lolita Morena a son (Loris)
  • 2003 – 2008: Maijana Kostic
  • 2009 – 2011: Kristina Liliana Cudinova
  • 2014 – 2021: Anastasia Klimko a son (Milan)

He wasn’t lucky with real estate

The real estate business was not a stroke of luck for Lothar Matthäus. He owns several private properties, including on Lake Como. His investments in plant real estate, on the other hand, were less successful. Just a few months ago, he made headlines with a senior citizen’s home. Here he fell for a fraudster to whom he had rented a property. It advertised with the name Lothar Matthäus and in this way cheated a number of investors. The former Bayern player was also unlucky with public real estate. In 1999 he is said to have owned 94% of the shares in the town hall of Velbert. A dispute arose with the agent who later claimed over 100,000. The due real estate transfer tax was also discussed for months.

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