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Ludwig Hofmaier: The fortune of the antique dealer

How much money does Ludwig Hofmaier have?

Charm, know-how and colorful shirts – that’s what the viewers love Ludwig Hofmaier on the ZDF show Cash for rares. The veteran of the antique trade, affectionately known as Lucki, has a lot more to show: In the 1960s, he made headlines as a professional athlete. The jack of all trades has also tried his hand at being a restaurateur and nightclub operator. The cherished Ludwig Hofmaier’s assets are 5.5 million euros.

Master in gymnastics

Ludwig Hofmaier's income
Ludwig Hofmaier was born into an extended family of ten as the son of a tailor. After secondary school, he served in the armed forces and even achieved the rank of sergeant. In 1961 he claimed the title of Bavarian Master in Artistic Gymnastics for himself. He won the Upper Palatinate Championship six times. In addition, Hofmaier was German master in apparatus gymnastics and also the first German to master the Yamashita jump. Roughly speaking, this is a handstand rollover to the front.

Ludwig Hofmaier also made famous his perseverance when walking on his hands. After he first completed smaller routes in his German homeland, he made his way In 1967 on the way to Rome – in the handrail.

He covered 1070 km in three months from Regensburg to the papal audience in Rome, wearing around 200 pairs of gloves in the process. Some entrepreneurs from Regensburg offered 15,000 marks as a rewardif he can do it. Ludwig Hofmaier won the money and with it the title of world champion in the handrail. This was the cornerstone of his fortune today.

Handstand Lucki in the movie

He probably didn’t know that the talented athlete had what it takes to be an actor either. In 1966 director Wendl Sorgend made the film Play Harlequin. Unfortunately, the actor who played the lead had an accident on the very first day of shooting. But don’t despair, ask Lucki, that was the motto at the time. The film and the handrail world record ensured that the Ludwig Hofmaier’s popularity increased rapidly. With the fee as an actor, Hofmaier was also able to increase his fortune.

He ran on hands over the roofs of his hometown and gave autograph sessions. At that time, Lucki collected 100 marks for an appearance. The Bavarian national monument wasn’t safe from him either, and he did gymnastics up there.

Income from catering

When his active sports career came to an end, he was very successful as a restaurateur. In Regensburg he ran the aquarium, the Kongo Bar and the Arco-Bräu-Stubn. In Steinberg am See he owned the Apollo discotheque, where Marianne Rosenberg appeared as a live guest. With the income from the pubs, Hofmaier was able to continue to expand his fortune.

Besides, he devoted himself to one another passion, the antique trade. Ludwig Hofmaier has lived with his wife in Offenburg since the early 1970s. From there he drives his motorhome to many interesting flea markets. In 2019, he narrowly escaped a disaster when his mobile home suddenly caught fire. Finally, there was an explosion at a rest stop. Hofmaier and his wife got away with a shock and luckily they were unharmed.

Ludwig Hofmaier Cash for rares

Bares for rarities with Ludwig Hofmaier
He was at an antique market in Bonn 2013 for the ZDF broadcast Cash for rares discovered, moderated by Horst Lichter. With his cheerful nature, he immediately won over the audience. Sometimes he dances on the table, sometimes he celebrates an extraordinary treasure. In the program, applicants present the junk they have brought with them to a team of experts and then offer them for sale to a dealer podium. Ludwig Hofmaier is still part of this dealer team until 2024, as long as he is contractually bound for the shipment. Of course, he also receives good salaries for his work Cash for rares and his fortune continues to grow.

Because of his fame, Ludwig Hofmaier is also welcome guest in various talk and quiz shows. The popular antique dealer is repeatedly invited to TV shows, such as the sports show, Markus Lanz, Who knows something like that? (Moderator Kai Pflaume) and many more.

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