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Macklemore: The Rapper’s Fortune

How much money does Macklemore have?

Macklemore has now become an international phenomenon. The rapper is also known by his real name, Ben Haggerty. Together with Ryan Lewis, Macklemore released the single “Can’t Hold Us” in 2012, which will probably be one of the greatest hits of rap talent from the USA for all time. After all, Macklemore’s first album was only released in 2005 and the artist has so far been able to amass a considerable fortune in the tens of millions. Just two studio albums, the latter of which was released in autumn 2017, have given the rapper and songwriter this considerable wealth. Macklemore has an estimated net worth of 22 million euros.

A steep upward career

Macklemore's Income
This ensures that not only his wife, Tricia Davis, but also their two daughters do not have to worry about their financial livelihood. However, the rapper is not a big fan of the two-time family man. He did have his first daughter’s name tattooed on his body. Although this shows the pride of a young dad, the artist prefers to keep his children away from the world. That is probably a good thing. Because many experts from the music industry believe that in the future the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ careers as a duo could go even further.

So far, the singer and rapper has only had a number 1 album in Canada, but not in the artist’s homeland. All the more incentive to produce even better tracks in the future. One can only hope that Macklemore will stay true to the road to success. Because the star has already come a rocky road, which even includes a drug addiction. All the more gratifying: After Macklemore got clean for the first time in 2008, He is now publicly campaigning for young people to get rid of drugs. In the past, this has even led to a collaboration with former US President Obama on a TV documentary on the subject of drug addiction among young people.

Macklemore – an artist on a mission

Macklemore wasn’t just influenced by his drug past. Rather, the rapper repeatedly expresses himself politically in his songs. For example, he addresses topics such as same-sex marriage. Many of his Tracks are therefore to be understood as social criticism. Macklemore is a man with a message who is very fortunate with his private happiness. Because his current wife has been in a relationship with the star since 2006. Macklemore didn’t get clean for the first time until 2008.

The Macklemore Fortune
His meeting with Ryan Lewis was also a real stroke of luck for the rapper. The consumption of “Purple drank,” a party drug that many rappers had fallen victim to, had made Macklemore less creative at times. Then came the turning point with Ryan Lewis. Together, the two produced the Success hit “And We Danced.” Not only the joint song productions and tours have contributed to the success story and fortune of the rapper. Rather, the joint decision of the duo not to work with a big label made this possible. Even the merchandising products are only available for self-distribution. That means more work. At the same time, however, there is also more money in the artist’s coffers.

At the 2014 Grammy Awards, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were recognized as some of the most successful artists of the current award season. Three out of four rap Grammys were theirs. The more successful the two are, the more they can use this platform to support a good cause. Not only Macklemore, but Ryan Lewis too, wants to change the world for the better. Hence step the two together as UN ambassadors in appearance. You are campaigning for more equality for homosexuals in a very effective way. On the other hand, while other rappers often polarize and cause excitement, Macklemore is a true role model and stands up for others.

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