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Maggie Lear is an American magazine editor who founded the magazine Lear’s, a lifestyle and fashion publication for “women who weren’t born yesterday.” A staunch feminist, Lear was a pioneer in the feminist movement. Born in Hudson, New York, she was adopted by Herbert Adam Loeb and briefly attended Sarah Lawrence College. She married Norman S.Lear in 1956, and the two had two daughters: Ellen and Katherine.

As a television writer, film and theater maker, Lear has won numerous awards and been inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame. His numerous honors include five Emmys, the National Medal of Arts, and the Kennedy Center Honors. In addition to her work as an actor, Lear is an active community member. She facilitates parent meetings in the NYC independent school system and volunteers at the Bottomless Closet. She also sits on the board of the Youth Justice Funding Collaborative, a 21-year-old organization that supports youth and families who have been affected by violence.

A proud mother, Lear has a diverse background. Her father, Norman Lear, was a prominent film essayist and has written over 100 shows. She grew up in Brooklyn and was a child of Russian immigrants. Her father, Norman Lear, was an activist for environmental change and was an advocate for women’s rights. Her natural sister, Elizabeth, is married to a clinical reporter for CBS News. She holds various positions within the organization and is an active member of a variety of organizations.

The Frances Lear Foundation is the foundation’s President. It focuses on the environment, criminal justice reform, and arts education. She is also involved in facilitating parent discussions in independent schools throughout NYC and has a position on the Board of the Youth Justice Funding Collaborative. These organizations are run by 21-year-old activists, and she has been a member of these organizations for nearly a decade. The Frances Lear Foundation is a nonprofit with a history of giving back to the community.

In addition to her role as president of the Frances Lear Foundation, Maggie Lear also has a strong passion for criminal justice reform. She is active in many organizations, including Bottomless Closet and her own charity. She is also a volunteer at The New York Women’s Foundation and serves on the advisory board of the National Women’s Political Caucus. While the focus of her foundation is on criminal justice reform, she continues to promote social justice.

The Frances Lear Foundation is an American charitable organization that focuses on the environment, education, and the arts. She is also involved with several nonprofit organizations, including the FreeHer Foundation. As a former reporter and mother, Maggie Lear’s work on criminal justice reform is not limited to filmmaking. She has worked with criminal justice reform for over twenty years. The foundation’s work has inspired her to become a leader in the nonprofit world.

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