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Reza Farahan is an Iranian-American real estate agent and reality TV star. He was born in Tehran, Iran. His father was Jewish and converted to Islam to marry his mother. He moved to the USA as a child and later married Adam Neely. He is a practicing Muslim and has a union agreement. His mother is Persian. He has a son named Ali. He is a successful real estate agent and has starred in television shows such as Shark Tank and The Bachelor.

Reza Farahan has earned a fortune from real estate and Shahs of Sunset. She is 5 feet eight inches tall and has an estimated net worth of $7 million. She has two sisters and is a member of the IATSE. She is married to Adam Neely. The couple divorced in season four, but later married again in 2015. After her divorce, Reza Farahan is a successful model and entrepreneur.

Farahan has been acting for eight years. Her character, Reza, joined the cast of Shahs of Sunset in 2014. The show follows a group of Iranian-American friends living in Los Angeles. They struggle to balance their social lives with their careers. The cast of the show went on strike with support of the IATSE and married in 2015. She was married again in 2017, and she has been a part of the cast for eight seasons.

The Iranian actress has a huge fan base, and she is well known in the film industry. She is currently working on the third season of her hit Netflix show, The Big Bang Theory. She is one of three actresses to make the cover of TIME magazine. She is also featured in the upcoming documentary The Big Short. In 2016, Farahan and her two sisters launched their own hair product line, Reza Be Obsessed. Her line includes shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, and Black Diamond oil.

The actress has also been a part of the cast of the television show Shahs of Sunset. The show follows a group of Iranian-American friends living in Los Angeles. They try to balance their work and social lives while trying to manage their families. While in the third season of the show, Farahan got married, announcing her engagement to her co-stars. The rest of the shahs joined in the later seasons, and Rose and Vand became part of the cast in the seventh season.

Farahan’s net worth is estimated to be seven million dollars. She is a highly successful actress and model who has been involved in the film industry for over two decades. She has a huge fan base in Hollywood and continues to gain success. She is a successful actress in Hollywood. The star’s weight is high enough to become a huge attraction in the movie industry. She has even created her own hair care line. She is known for her sultry personality and her sexy charms.

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