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Marissa Mayer – Hundreds of millions as CEO despite the Yahoo crisis

Marissa Mayer Income at Yahoo
That Yahoo is in trouble is a more or less open secret. But that doesn’t detract from Marissa Mayer’s financial prosperity. She doesn’t really care whether she stays with Yahoo or leaves, at least financially. There is currently hot speculation about the future of the portal. In 2015 alone was the value of the Yahoo share has fallen by a good 35%. The Wall Street Journal also reported that Yahoo was seriously considering divesting a large portion of the company’s assets. This would also affect sites like Flickr and Tumblr, which also belong to Yahoo. So Yahoo seems to have lost the battle with Google. And the fact that more and more digital advertising campaigns are running on Facebook does not bode well for Yahoo either. So, of course, will now Marissa Mayer harshly criticized as the current CEO of Yahoo. They could almost only benefit from a Yahoo sale. If Marissa was fired from the current board of directors, she would be one Severance payment worth approximately $ 25.5 million bring in. However, if Yahoo is sold and the new owner separates from her as CEO, she is even entitled to a whopping 108 million US dollars. The already considerable fortune of Marissa Mayer can only grow as a result.

Considering Marissa made “only” $ 103.6 million in her first 2.5 years at Yahoo, so she is likely to have a tremendous financial blessing ahead of her. You’d think she’d have good reasons to do whatever it takes to ensure that Yahoo does indeed go under. This huge severance payment is by no means on Marissa’s cap. Rather, the Supervisory Board proposed this severance package and also approved it. If you consider how many questionable decisions the Yahoo supervisory board has already made, it would not be surprising if an exchange would take place at this level after a possible sale of the company. Perhaps the supervisory board of Yahoo will also be replaced soon, although none of its members can expect such a huge severance payment as Marissa Mayer.

Marissa Mayer hasn’t exactly covered herself with fame during her time at Yahoo

Marissa Mayer Fortune
Meanwhile, Marissa as Yahoo CEO has been criticized from all sides for good reason and the critical voices in Silicon Valley are getting louder and louder. Now some hedge fund managers have even spoken out and, like Eric Jackson, are addressing the Yahoo supervisory board directly. Jackson even sent the board of directors a 99-page document that should show why Marissa Mayer should be fired immediately. Most of all, the fact that Marissa had bought up other companies worth $ 3 billion during her tenure as CEO without any real benefit to Yahoo was a thorn in the side of the hedge fund manager. Not only has the price of Yahoo shares not risen as a result, but Yahoo is now there with far less capital. In addition, many of the companies that Yahoo bought are said to have belonged to Marissa’s friends from her time at Yahoo’s competitor Google. Polyvor is the best example of this. The company was actually doomed at the time of the purchase by Yahoo, although Marissa Mayer nevertheless signed the purchase for 230 million US dollars by Yahoo.

But Jackson doesn’t just want to rail against Mayer, he also offers a couple of very pragmatic solutions. For example, 75 percent of the approximately 12,000 employees should be laid off and it is time that free food for employees was finally abolished. For this post alone, Yahoo spends 450 million US dollars every year. In his closing argument, however, Eric Jackson mainly advocates firing Marissa Mayer immediately in order to have to pay her the lowest possible severance payment. If the woman at the top would remain CEO of the group for another 1.5 years, then she would have earned a total of 365 million US dollars in the 5 years at Yahoo. Together with the possible severance pay that would have to be paid in the event of a layoff by the new owner, Marissa Mayer could take away a total of half a billion US dollars from her time at Yahoo – all in just 5 years it was going downhill rather than uphill for Yahoo!

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