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Mark Forster: The Singer’s Fortune

How much money does Mark Forster have?

Mark Forster is extremely popular not only with music fans, but also with TV audiences. Given that his debut album was only released in 2012, the German singer has already amassed a considerable fortune. Funnily enough, Mark, whose real name is actually Mark Ćwiertnia, reports that his grandmother still can’t quite believe that her grandson makes his living with music. Whenever she sees him, she continues to give the artist 50 euros. The cherished Mark Forster’s net worth is 6 million euros.

Great musical success

Income from Mark Forster
Meanwhile, the singer knows almost all of Germany. This level of awareness isn’t just due to his Song for the soccer World Cup 2014 traced back. Rather, Mark Forster made for an unforgettable catchy tune with his second single called “Flash mich”. His role as coach at “The Voice Kids” also contributed to the fact that the artist is very present in the minds of many Germans. He has now recorded four studio albums. In 2013 Mark Forster sang the refrain in “One of these stones” by Sido. He returned the favor by participating in Foster’s “Au revoir”.

The album “TAPE” from 2016 has done the best so far. In Germany and Austria it was enough for number 2 in the charts, while the German made it to number 7 in the rankings in Switzerland. The Album “LOVE” from 2018 After all, made it to a very good third place in the artist’s home country. The numerous awards also speak for Mark Forster’s star status:

  • 3x 1 live crown
  • 1x Bambi
  • Winner for Rhineland-Palatinate at the Bundesvision Song Contest 2015
  • 1x German music author award
  • 1x ECHO Pop

More than just musically talented

Mark Forster fortune
The fans can already look forward to Mark’s further musical strokes of genius. But the man whose trademark is baseball caps, of which he is said to own over 200 pieces and without which he can practically never be seen in public, not only has music in his head and heart. Rather, he is also a fan of his home football club and supports 1. FC Kaiserslautern. The musician also appears as an ambassador for Herzenssache eV, the children’s aid campaign by SR, SWR and Sparda-Bank. In spite of his Polish name, the singer is only partially able to speak this language.

Mark Foster on TV

However, that did not stop him from having the fourth season of the successful TV format “Sing my song – the swap concert“To perform a Polish Christmas carol. In the following season of TV production, Mark was even allowed to slip into the role of host, which was previously reserved for Xavier Naidoo. The artist has also already delivered film music. For example a song for the soundtrack of “Willkommen bei den Hartmanns”, a comedy from Germany. Since 2019 he has worked as a coach in the music show “The Voice of Germany” alongside changing jury members such as Rea Garvey, Alice Merton, Sido, Yvonne Catterfeld, Nico Santos and Sarah Connor.

In which The talented singer was also able to try his hand at the animation film “Trolls”when he lent his voice to the funny Troll Branch. However, Mark Forster studied something completely different. He gave up his law studies after four semesters, while he brought his business studies to a successful conclusion. Maybe that’s why the star was able to save so much of his previous income.

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MG RTL D / Robert Grischek

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