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RAF Camora: Rapper’s Wealth & Income

How rich is RAF Camora?

RAF Camora, real name Raphael Ragucci, was born in Switzerland in 1984. However, RAF Camora grew up in the Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus district of Vienna. As a teenager, he started rapping, but only in French. At the age of 15 he founded the Rapatoi crew with a friend, which made him famous in the rap scene. However, the relationship quickly became strained and after a year and a half they separated. The cherished RAF Camora assets are 15 million euros.

The man behind RAF Camora

Income from RAF Camora
He never saw himself as part of the German-speaking hip-hop scene and therefore consciously sought out the Contact with French rap crews. When she was 17, RAF Camora came with me French Connection in contact and a little later he became part of the group Assaut mysticism.

A short time later he met the rapper Joshi Mizu, whereupon they both formed the group Balkan Express have founded. Together they even made it to the Splash Festival. The group split up for unknown reasons, leaving only RAF Camora, Pump Beats and Joshi Mizu. This constellation resulted in the new one group Family Bizz. The group separated again only a little later.

RAF Camora first appeared as a producer in 2006. Together with Emirez it became album scandal produced, whereby RAF Camora had taken over the majority of it. The debut album City Cobra von Chakuza was released at the same time, here he again produced several tracks and was even present as a feature.

Great success as a rapper

RAF Camora’s first street album was released under the name in 2008 Therapy before the albumwhich should set the mood for the first solo album. On November 13th, 2009 the time had come. With Next stop future Although it has not yet reached a chart placement, it has again received a lot of attention in the scene.

The rapper and producer went independent in January 2013 when he founded his own label Indipendenza. His second solo album was released on July 5, 2013 2 under a different pseudonym – RAF 3.0. He chose the name because the album went in a different musical direction. In Germany he landed at number 1 with this album.

His breakthrough came with the collaboration album Plastic palm trees with Bonez MC. With more than 200,000 records sold in Germany, the rappers received the platinum award. The singles Plastic palm trees and Without my team sold over 400,000 records in February 2017 and each received a platinum award for this.

Income from music, real estate, and Bitcoin

Assets of RAF Camora
RAF Camora assets are made up of a number of sources of income. The albums in particular were financially decisive Plastic palm trees and Plastic palm trees 2. According to current estimates, the Rappers have earned over 11.5 million euros from both albums.

In addition to his cash flow from music, he generates a additional income through real estate and Bitcoin investments and thus increases his wealth considerably. He is considered a fan of the cryptocurrency and also gave his collaboration partner Bonez MC a Bitcoin for his birthday.

Camora probably also has other investments, but they have not yet been publicly mentioned. In an interview with Forbes, RAF Camora said, that he refused to cooperate with a hazelnut schnappsbecause only long-term investments are of interest to him. He also feared damage to his image.

Published albums

year Surname Publication date Collaboration Label
2021 future July 16, 2021 Indipendenza
2019 Zenith 1st November 2019 Indipendenza
2018 Plastic palm trees 2 5th October 2018 Bonez MC 187 Strassenbande / Vertigo Berlin
2017 anthracite August 25, 2017 Indipendenza
2016 Plastic palm trees September 9, 2016 Bonez MC No! Case! Indipendenza
2016 Ghøst April 15, 2016 Indipendenza / BMG
2014 Zodiac March 14, 2014 Chakuza + Joshi Mizu Indipendenza
2013 2 5th July 2013 Indipendenza / BMG
2012 Raf 3.0 February 24, 2012 Irievibrations
2010 Artkore March 12, 2010 Nazar Wolfpack Entertainment
2009 Next stop future November 13, 2009 Wolfpack Entertainment

Earnings from Spotify – streaming music

The streaming services business should not be ignored. In 2018 he was the most streamed artist in German-speaking countries. There were Generated billions of streams on Apple Music, Spotify and Co, which brought in over 3.5 million euros.

On average, RAF Camora has around 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone. A person is considered a monthly listener if at least one track has been played. The streams per month are unfortunately not known. Other services are also keeping a low profile and do not publish any figures. It can be guessed that this business generates around 230,000 euros in income annually.

Further income with YouTube

YouTube has become an important source of income. A rapper can keep his fan base up to date here or publish music videos. Through an advertising partnership, each user receives 55 percent of the income from this.

One million clicks is estimated to be worth $ 1,000. The value varies widely, especially with ad-friendly videos, the value per click (CPC) could increase significantly. According to Socialblade RAF Camora earns up to 53,000 euros a month through YouTube. This results in a maximum of 638,000 euros gross per year.

His Music videos reach up to 55 million views. His music video too Different league is a release from his solo album anthracite and is the most popular video on his channel. The music video for the track Plastic palm trees even reached almost 145 million clicks on the CrhymeTV channel.

RAF Camora & its label Indipendenza

As already mentioned, it is Indipendenza to RAF Camoras label. The distribution of the hip-hop indie music label is taken over by Groove Attack. Joshi Mizu was the first rapper to be signed. In March 2013 the first album – Zu! Gabe – was released by him on the label.

From July 2013 Sierra Kidd was also represented in the label, although the paths parted again in January 2015 because Sierra Kidd had founded his own label. At the end of 2016 it was announced that Bonez MC signed a management contract with RAF Camora. Ahmad Amin has also been under contract since 2020.

Having your own label is definitely a big economic factor. A musician receives a large part for himself instead of having to pay additional intermediaries. Additionally will earned on every record sold through contract artists and royalty income. Compulsory services such as management open up another source of income.

Additional cash flow through advertising income

Nike signed up at the beginning of the promotional phase of Plastic palm trees 2 both RAF Camora and Bonez MC secured. Together they were the face of the new Nike Tech Pack collection. The advertising banners were spread over huge areas in German-speaking countries. The huge one Cooperation will have brought in a seven-figure amount.

Success through hard work

RAF Camora achieved its success through hard work. He has released over 40 music videos and six studio albums. In addition, he produced many singles and albums for other artists. He has already announced the end of his career on stage. Soon he just wants to Acting behind the scenes as a producer and businessman.

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