Marriage Proposal Trends in 2022

Maybe you have been thinking of popping the question for quite some time now–you have found the perfect engagement ring. ♪♫♪”Ta-da dada, ta-da dada” ♪♫♪ maybe you just can’t find a way to get the classic melody of the wedding march out of your head. And you know your wedding guest list by heart and exactly how to decorate this whole event–in short. Moreover, you already have everything planned out down to the last detail like a pro. But the only thing missing here is some unique proposal ideas to set the ball rolling.

Two years into the pandemic, ceremonies are finally back in full swing, making having an original ceremony ever harder. Want to make your proposal an absolutely unforgettable moment by putting your own spin on it? We’re here to help!

About Marriage Proposal

Marriage proposal traditions have evolved over the decades, and surprise engagement parties are the most common modern form of a marriage proposal in the Western world.

A marriage proposal is a moment where one person in a relationship asks for their partner’s hand in marriage. If the proposal is accepted, that initiates engagement and constitutes a mutual agreement between the couple about marriage later. After the marriage proposal is accepted, the opposite-sex couple officially goes by fiancé and fiancée, while same-sex couples usually go for the same terms like fiancé and fiancé or fiancée and fiancée. 

Is It a Must to Have an Engagement Ring at the Proposal? 

Engagement trends are ever-changing, but an engagement ring is always a very important part of proposals – whether it be a synthetic diamond or traditional diamond. An engagement ring is a jewelry item used to indicate that a person has already committed officially to his/her partner and is about to get married. 

Engagement rings were initially used as items to symbolize ownership of a person. This practice was common in ancient Rome. The way we now use engagement rings was started in the year 1447 by the then Archduke of Australia, Maximilian, when he proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring in the M shape. To this day, diamond engagement rings are still very popular among intending couples and married folks. 

So yes, it is, by all means, a must to have an engagement ring at the proposal. 

What’s Trendy in 2022?

Here below are several notable marriage proposal trends in 2022. Hopefully, you can find some inspiration in this list for your future proposal!

Outdoor Proposals 

Outdoor proposals are for you if you and your partner are a fun, adventurous, and nature-loving couple. You can spice up your marriage proposal by planning the event at one of your partner’s favorite outdoor places. 

  • On a beach

Try building a sand castle on the shore, and when your partner isn’t looking, place the ring on the highest tower.

  • Go out for a picnic

Take your partner’s favorite foods, photos that have special meaning for you two, flowers, wine, or champagne, and put together a lovely setting.

  • On top of a mountain

For hiking enthusiasts, why not propose on a mountaintop after enjoying the climb together? You’ll get to feast your eyes on a spectacular view on this happy occasion!

  • In the snow

The atmosphere of a snowy country is conducive to all declarations of love! Prepare some candles and rose petals and write a big “Marry Me” in the snow!

  • In a hot air balloon

It is also possible to personalize a hot air balloon ride and take advantage of a beautiful landscape to make your proposal.

Collaborative Ring Shopping Experience 

Collaborating on engagement-ring shopping is the perfect choice for partners who have already decided on their marriage together. It is also a nice idea for realists who prefer to be consulted on such delicate topics before making any significant decisions. 

This way, you are pretty much guaranteed that your partner will eventually find the ring design of their dreams, removing the pressure of finding the perfect design on your own, which may very likely turn out to be a hit or miss. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about resizing the ring. 

In order to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience, lab-grown diamond companies like California based brand  Sunny Eden™ provide highly customized diamond engagement rings made from the essence of you and your significant other. The Carbon element is extracted out of a lock of hair from you and/or your partner, in order to grow a diamond sized, cut and colored according to your preferences. 

Mutual Proposals 

Mutual proposals make engagements more egalitarian and are becoming popular among same-sex couples and even opposite-sex couples. 

This trend is making the wedding and marriage community more inclusive. It also promotes equality among couples. Joint proposal is definitely a way to create unforgettable memories as well. If you are going to propose to your partner, but he/she asks you first, it is absolutely ok to make your proposal after that anyway!


Instagram-worthy Locations/Instagrammable Places to Propose

If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy location to propose to your loved one, any of these ten locations will be your top spots.

  1. 1168 marriage proposals took place in the gorgeous Grand Canyon in 2021 alone and were shared on Instagram with the world.
  2. Kauai, the beautiful Garden Isle in Hawaii hosted around 1976 proposals.
  3. The city of Barcelona is another good place for proposals. About 2000 marriage proposals were posted to Instagram from this location.
  4. Santorini in Greece is not just for exotic vacations–within the past year, 3000 Instagram posts from this location were marriage proposals.    
  5. Venice in Italy, “the City of Canals”, is, needless to say, another Instagram-worthy location for marriage proposals. You can find about 4900 marriage proposal posts on Instagram from Venice.
  6. Known as a place with a lot of history, Rome, another Italian city, hosted many engagement proposals and was posted about 5900 times in total on Instagram.
  7. As of last year, London, the land of the Queen, has witnessed a grand total of 13,000 marriage proposals.
  8. 22,000 marriage proposal Instagram posts were from New York City, making it one of the top three Instagram-worthy locations.
  9. Bali in Indonesia has a particular island called the island of Bali, and lovebirds just love using this place for their marriage proposal. About 28,000 posts of marriage proposals were from this location as of last year.
  10.  The list of cities would be incomplete without including the capital of France. Paris, often referred to as the city of love, is where most lovers go with their partners and propose to them. Paris is topping the charts of Instagram posts on marriage proposals in 2021 with about 43,000 posts.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris is the most popular marriage proposal place.

Highly Personalized and Intimate Proposals

You can decide to propose to your partner in private if you both value your privacy. Intimate proposals are simple and do not require much planning or excessive spending.

Invite Less and Enjoy More

The pandemic has brought its share of changes in wedding planning. First among them is the reduction in the number of guests. We can reduce the list, but definitely not at the expense of happy moments shared together. Doesn’t a weekend getaway to a cottage with the whole family just sound so nice and cozy?

There is no single recipe for a perfect proposal, as every couple is different–they have unique histories and experiences. Therefore, when planning this event, the fundamental question is to define the partner’s character, preferences, and dreams.

It’s important to ensure you and your partner are both keen on marriage. Discuss the future with your partner. Let your partner know that one day you’d like to see them as your bride or groom, and ask them if they see themselves getting married with you in the future. If the conversation makes you nervous, casually bring it up by discussing your best friend’s recent engagement or discussing a particular proposal you saw in a movie and move into it that way. It is a hard conversation, but you’ll get an idea of what your partner will say when you go down on one knee and open that ring box.

Regardless, we can’t wait for the invitations to start arriving.



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