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Muddy Waters and Marva Jean Brooks

Muddy Waters married Marva Jean Brooks after the death of his first wife, Geneva Morganfield. She was a 19-year-old housekeeper from Florida who met him when he had a show in Gainesville.

She had kids with him and he also fathered other children outside of his marriages. Her sons Big Bill Morganfield, Larry Morganfield and Joseph Morganfield are some of them.

Married to Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters was married to several women in his life, including Mabel Berry and Sally Ann Adams. He also had a long-term relationship with Geneva Morganfield.

Muddy Waters is considered one of the greatest blues musicians of all time. His music influenced many other artists, and his songs have been featured in films.

He started playing the harmonica when he was five and performed on the streets of Chicago. He met Big Bill Broonzy, who gave him a chance to perform at clubs.

In 1943, he relocated to Chicago and became a full-time professional musician. He recorded for Columbia Records and then for Aristocrat Records, a label created by the Chess brothers.

The Chicago blues scene was in the middle of a boom, and Muddy Waters’ band pushed the club crowds wild. However, his singles didn’t chart as well as the rock ‘n’ roll that was driving the charts at that time.

Married to Geneva Morganfield

Muddy Waters’s third wife, Geneva Morganfield, is a significant figure in the bluesman’s life. She was a part of his longest-lasting marriage and a key component to his success in the music world.

She and Muddy were married for years, until she died of cancer in 1973. She is buried next to Muddy in Restvale Cemetery in Cook County, Illinois.

The exact date of her wedding to Muddy is not known for sure, but it was most likely shortly after his first marriage ended and before he married Sally Ann Adams in 1942.

She gave birth to three children with Muddy, including Joseph, Renee, and Rosalind. She also had three more with her third wife, Marva Jean. Her sons Larry “Mud” Morganfield, Big Bill Morganfield, and Joseph “Mojo” Morganfield are all named for the bluesman.

Married to Big Bill Morganfield

Marva Jean Brooks was an American actress and singer who was married to Big Bill Morganfield. She was born in Houston, Texas, United States on the 23rd of December 1915.

She is buried next to Muddy Waters at Restvale Cemetary in Cook County, Illinois. She was a member of the RKO Radio Pictures studio.

Her marriage to McKinley Morganfield, or Muddy Waters as he was often called, was one of the longest lasting in his life. She gave birth to many children with him, including sons Big Bill Morganfield and Larry “Mud” Morganfield.

In March 1973, she died of cancer, leaving him as a widower. Muddy remarried 19-year-old Marva Jean Brooks in 1979. During their marriage, she would give birth to three children; Rosalind, Joseph, and Renee.

Married to Larry Morganfield

McKinley Morganfield was born on April 4, 1915. He was born on a plantation owned by the Stovall family in Mississippi, around Rolling Fork, where he lived most of his life.

He had many wives and children during his lifetime. His first wife was Geneva Morganfield and she passed away in 1973; he married then 19-year old Marva Jean Brooks in 1979.

The couple had three children. Muddy Waters was a great father and his kids are known for their talent in the music industry.

His son, Big Bill Morganfield, went on to become a blues musician and is well-known for his guitar playing skills. He also played on the soundtrack of several movies.

He is buried next to his wife Geneva in Restvale Cemetery in Alsip, Illinois. A number of musicians came to pay their respects to him. His grave is located in Section H, Lot 133. Friends can visit his grave after 9 a.m. on Tuesday at Whitsell Funeral Home in Morganfield.

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