A Guide to Dog Attacks Lawsuits

Approximately 69 million households in the US own dogs. Some might think these dogs are the safest pets to keep, but you would be surprised to know how often they attack people. When attacked by a dog, you could get major injuries that require medical attention. The injuries might sometimes make it impossible for you to work for months. This article will offer a guide to the legal details of what should happen after an attack.

Seeking Compensation

The major thing that an individual can do after a dog attack is to think along the line of compensation. The compensation would cater for the medical bills and any lost salaries. Therefore, it’s important to seek compensation after a dog attack to ensure you don’t spend much of your money nursing the injuries.

When seeking compensation, it’s advisable to consult with a lawyer. These individuals have the necessary experience and qualifications to know how to make the responsible parties give you fair compensation. They will guide you in obtaining the necessary evidence to win the lawsuit. The law in such cases can be complicated. Therefore, you need legal advice to make a successful claim.

Accountability in Dog Attack Lawsuits

When people get dog bites, they tend to blame the dog owner. Luckily, most dog owners have renters’ or homeowner’s insurance, which could cover the compensation amount. Therefore, the insurer will work on a settlement, and there might not be a need to go to court. Some insurance companies might not pay you a fair amount. Therefore, it’s necessary to seek the help of an attorney. When these companies realize that an attorney represents you, the chances are high that they will be willing to compensate you a fair amount.

In other cases, a landlord might be held responsible for dog attacks. For instance, if the landlord knew that a dangerous dog lived in the facility and rented it out to people, he should be liable. In such a case, the individual knew about the possible dangers that the dog presents but did nothing about it.

Accountability in a dog attack can be challenging. Therefore, you must gather as much information as possible. For instance, was someone walking the dog at the time of the attack and letting it go deliberately? In such a case, the individual would be held reliable. If the person did all they could to prevent the attack, they might not be liable, but you will still get compensated by the dog’s insurance company.

Defense in a Dog Bite Lawsuit

You or the dog owner could be held liable when a dog attack occurs. If the dog’s owner doesn’t want to pay the compensation amount, they can make a defense case against you. In such a case, they would gather sufficient information to show that you triggered the attack. For instance, if a dog bites you when trespassing on another person’s home, the chances are high that you will be held liable. Hence, you might not be liable for compensation.

After filing a dog bite lawsuit, the court must determine who was at fault. Both parties would present their arguments, through an attorney, to a judge. The judge would weigh the evidence and make all the necessary judgments to facilitate compensation. However, most attacks do not make it to court, especially when the involved individuals are willing to reach an agreement.

After a dog bite, collect its owner’s details, then go to the emergency room as soon as possible. These details would help you settle without necessarily going to court. However, if you feel that the compensation amount is small, you can file a lawsuit. 


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