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Math Hoffa Net Worth


Math Hoffa is a well-known American Rapper who was born on May 16, 1995. He is a Taurus and is one of the youngest members of the Fight Klub family. Though his net worth is not publicly available, his successful rap career has already earned him a huge fan following. His net worth is currently unknown, but it is estimated to be in the region of $33 million. Math started out as a street rapper and later made his way to Hollywood by appearing in the indie hip hop film Rap Wars One. His rap career earned him huge attention and was eventually noticed by Fight Klub executives.

Net Worth 

While it is difficult to determine the exact amount of money Math Hoffa earns per video, his estimated net worth is $42.5 to 86 thousand dollars. This figure is based on several factors, including his number of subscribers and monthly views. Depending on his subscribers and country, Math Hoffa’s net worth could fluctuate anywhere from $642 to $1.8 thousand each month. He also might make more money from selling merch.


Math Hoffa has a net worth of between $100 and $1 million. The rapper was born on May 16, 1995, in New York. He has worked with many other rap artists and even appeared in several independent films. Although his net worth is not as high as some other hip hop artists, his popularity continues to rise. He has also appeared in numerous videos on the Internet and has been signed to XyyX multimedia in Brooklyn.

Early Struggles

Before making his way up the ranks of hip hop, Math Hoffa first earned his name by participating in street battles. He was a part of the Fight Klub scene and fought against rap legend Serius Jones, although Math Hoffa lost that bout. Nevertheless, he went on to win four consecutive fights and was paired with Philly battle rapper Dose. His battles with Dose were well-known and earned him a reputation in the Battle Rap community.

Rap Battles

Math Hoffa’s net worth has increased significantly in recent years due to his involvement in various controversies. The Philadelphia based battle rapper Dose recently challenged him and Math Hoffa won. The fight was a fierce, brutal fight that involved both rappers. While Dose is shorter and taller than Math Hoffa, the rappers were very competitive and heated. Math Hoffa’s hat did not have a brim, and Dose’s hat did not have a wide rim.


By his struggles today he is a successful rapper in America. His net worth is increasing due to the increase in his fame. If you want to know more about him go follow him on social media accounts.

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