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Mulan Vuitton Net Worth


While Mulan Vuitton is well known for her designer bags, she has also become an Instagram influencer. Mulan is a good friend of Yekim nightclub owner Martez Malone. While her social media presence is not free of controversy, it is clear that she has a loyal following. In addition to her Instagram account, she earns most of her money from nightclub appearances. Let’s take a closer look at how much she is worth.

Rise of Mulan

Mulan’s rise to fame is mysterious, but her emergence onto the scene in late 2017 is a testament to her rising popularity. Her emergence onto the scene was accompanied by a slew of sexy photos and videos. She loves twerking and pole dancing and posted videos of herself in topless bikinis. Mulan’s rise to fame was so quick that her followers named her ‘Hot Instagram Girl of the Day’ in November 2017.

Not a Millionaire

In 2017, she was a big Instagram sensation after she gave birth to her first puppy, Mugsy. She works as an event and club promoter and receives expensive gifts from her fans. However, her net worth is not as big as that of her boyfriend, Drake, or Trippie Redd. While Mulan Vuitton has earned a large amount of money from her social media accounts, she prefers to live a modest life and isn’t considered a millionaire.

Net Worth 

Mulan Vuitton’s net worth is estimated at $1.6 million in 2022. Her birthday is April 9; she will be 24 years old then. If you are wondering how much Mulan Vuitton is worth, keep reading to find out! The actress is still single, and it’s unclear if she has a significant boyfriend.


In addition to modeling, Mulan Vuitton has a thriving online business. She has a close friend named Martez Malone (his name starts with M), who helps her advertise her store. 

Interesting Facts

Mulan Vuitton has a lot of tattoos on her body, including on her face, neck, and hands. She also experiments with her hair color and a favorite color.

Social Media Accounts

She is very active on Instagram, with almost 300,000 followers. She used to have a Twitter account but has since deleted it. She also doesn’t have a YouTube channel, but she occasionally posts pictures of herself there. Her Facebook profile has almost 8,000 followers, and her Instagram page is followed by over four million people. The actress also has a sister. While Mulan has never revealed her parents’ identity, it is assumed that her parents were immigrants from Puerto Rico.


Despite being a famous Instagram model, Mulan Vuitton hasn’t publicly disclosed her romantic life. The actress hasn’t posted any pictures of herself with a man, although her bio contains a link to her clothing line Yekim. However, Mulan has not made any public statements about her relationship with Martez Malone. Rather, she earns money from appearing at parties and hosting nightclub events.


Mulan Vuitton has an estimated net worth of $300,000. The French fashion designer holds the American nationality and has a highly successful social media presence. She has also organized numerous events, and is known for living a lavish lifestyle. Mulan is very popular on Instagram and has a large following. This figure is increasing every day, as she continues to grow her fan base and gain exposure. There is no reason to believe that she is stingy with her personal finances.

Instagram Fame

In addition to a high-profile fashion line, Mulan Vuitton is a rising star in the world of Instagram. She’s known for her provocative photos and loves flaunting her hourglass figure online. Luckily, she started her Instagram account for fun while it was still a fad. Her first post on Instagram, Boy Bye (On a New Wave), gained a decent response and she quickly followed it up with another post.


In addition to her Instagram account, Mulan Vuitton’s Instagram profile has garnered attention. Unlike most people, she posts pictures of herself in similar social settings to other teenagers. Her phone was also hacked and the pictures leaked. She also posted photos showing her spending money and drinking alcohol. Although she’s not a teenager anymore, her lifestyle remained similar to her former life.

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