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Myke Towers Net Worth


If you’ve ever wondered how much Myke Towers is worth, you’ve come to the right place. This young rapper, born in Puerto Rico, has a net worth of $2.5 million, according to Forbes. His career started when he began uploading songs on SoundCloud and quickly rose to fame. His parents and educational background are unknown. In fact, very little is known about his personal life, which has mostly been kept private.

Music Career

His music career has earned him a substantial amount of money. In 2014, he released hit singles and appeared in a documentary about the Puerto Rican urban music scene. In addition to his music career, he also maintains an active social media account, with thousands of followers. His net worth is estimated to rise to $10 million in the future as his career becomes more established and his popularity increases. But even though his net worth is growing steadily, he’s not letting that stop him from being a successful musician.


Myke Towers’ net worth is not much to brag about. However, if you’re interested in getting a piece of the action, you should keep an eye out for his upcoming tour dates. If you can catch him on the road, his rap videos have gained over two million YouTube subscribers. In addition to these, he’s even father to Jay-Z’s daughter. And who can forget the fact that he’s the father of Jay-Z’s daughter?

Music Albums

The artist’s music has made him a worldwide sensation. His music has garnered millions of views and subscribers and he currently records albums for Casablanca and The Orchard Music labels. His catalog includes songs like “Sigue Bailandome” and “Bryant Myers.” He’s also collaborated with artists such as Farruko and Darell. His YouTube channel currently boasts over eight hundred million views and counting.

Net Worth 

The rap artist Myke Towers’ net worth is estimated to be close to $7 million, but there’s no definitive source for it. His popularity has increased since his debut on SoundCloud, where he released his debut mixtape. He’s also collaborated with various artists and released several albums and singles over the past few years. 

Notable Achievements 

Listed below are a few of his most notable achievements. The following is a list of his most lucrative collaborations.

Myke Towers released his debut album “El Final del Principio” in 2016. The album received more than ten million streams and became one of the most ambitious projects of his career. In 2017, he released another single “Ahora Miso” and appeared on Lary Over’s single “Perdoname”. He’s also worked with Jamby on the song Activo. If you’re wondering how much Myke Towers is worth, check out our list below!

Peak of Popularity 

After a decade of modest success, Myke Towers’ career exploded in 2018, with songs selling in the millions. He also collaborated with the biggest names in the industry and featured in a documentary about the urban music scene in Puerto Rico. His popularity has skyrocketed ever since he was featured on Alex Rose’s “Darte,” which has already received over 50 million streams on YouTube. With a new album in the works, Myke Towers’ net worth will be soaring again in 2019.

Social Media Life

In addition to his music career, Myke Towers has also been a social media star, with a huge following on Facebook and Instagram. His official YouTube channel features both lifestyle vlogs and official videos. His wife recently gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Alessia. The couple plans to share this exciting news with fans soon. There is no doubt about his newfound family. Myke Towers net worth is estimated to be in the millions, so keep reading to find out more about the upcoming news!

The rap artist’s success has made him a highly-regarded name in the music industry. 


His songs are a huge part of the country’s rap. The rap artist’s net worth has grown thanks to his success and popularity. The amount he has amassed is likely to increase even further as his career continues to flourish. The following are just a few of the reasons why he has a large net worth.

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