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Meghan Markle: The Actress Net Worth

How rich is Meghan Markle?

Thanks to her role in the TV production “Suits”, Meghan Markle was already well known before her relationship with Prince Harry. But now that Meghan is a member of the British royal family, the interest in her person has grown even greater. This has also led to wild speculation regarding their wealth. After all, Prince Harry is a millionaire himself and a prenuptial agreement was not wanted. During her time at “Suits” Meghan earned a good 365,000 euros a year, with a salary of 40,000 euros per episode. She herself, who of course will not accept any further acting roles as a member of the royal family, is not such a bad role for Prince Harry. The cherished Meghan Markle’s net worth is € 4.5 million.

Meghan Markle's salary
Meghan opted for charitable purposes and used her platform as a model and well-known actress to know. This role is tailor-made for her as a member of the British Royals. Meghan Markle can continue to stand up for a good cause and improve the image of the British monarchs significantly. Of Rachel Zane, the legal assistant, in whose role Meghan slipped on TV, the fans will first have to say goodbye.

Independence from the royals?

In early 2020, the couple announced via Instagram that they were stepping down as “senior members” of the royal family and would like to be financially independent. The common children “Archie” and “Lili” should also be raised in the USA. This announcement will also open up opportunities for Meghan to return to her old job as an actress and thus earn her own money again. We are excited.

An explosive career

It was probably a stroke of luck that united Prince Harry of England and Meghan Markle. After all, the two of them met at one Blind date got to know who suggested a mutual friend. The fact that the American was able to pursue a career as an actress that made it possible for her to get to know the prince in the first place is probably due to her father. Because Thomas Wayne Markle worked in Hollywood as a lighting director and was, among other things, at work on productions such as “A terrible nice family”. Thus, the little Meghan was able to sniff the glamorous show business early on.

But it is also the openness of the modern royals that made their connection with the prince possible in the first place. Finally was Meghan already married once. The bond she had made with Trevor Engelson in 2011 was divorced in 2013. Even if nothing seems to stand in the way of the happy ending of Prince Harry of Wales and his Meghan, there was a lot of public criticism and rumors when the prince announced in November 2016 that the American was indeed his girlfriend may be. But Queen Elizabeth II also gave her blessing on the engagement.

Meghan Markle's net worth
That Harry was serious about Meghan was also thanks to the protective words that the prince uttered publicly, don’t deny it. In fact, Harry was arguably very sure of himself, having made headlines with his engagement to Meghan Markle just a year after the relationship was announced. While Markle had studied English, international relations and theater studies at Northwestern University in the USA, she was to be seen in the following TV productions, among other things. In the future, however, she will probably only appear on television as the prince’s wife.

  • Deal or No Deal
  • General Hospital
  • 90210
  • Fringe – Borderline cases by the FBI
  • Suits

Engagement with Disney

Rumors have been circulating for a long time that Meghan has signed a long-term contract with Disney. In the first project, the Duchess gave her voice in the nature film “Elephant”. She shouldn’t get a fee for this, because the film project supports the charity “Elephants Without Borders”. We are excited to see what future Disney projects will follow.

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

On May 19, 2018 the time had come, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave each other the “YES” word. The wedding took place at Windsor Castle and was broadcast around the world. The American was baptized before the wedding and converted to the Anglican faith. The wedding dress was originally budgeted at £ 50,000. It has gone beyond the scope by far. That’s how it should be Meghan Markle’s dress cost around £ 100,000.

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