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Michael Manousakis: The Entrepreneur’s Fortune

How much money does Michael Manousakis have?

For the fact that Michael Manousakis appears very publicly on television, relatively little is known about himself. It can be rumored that the entrepreneur is not only worth several hundred thousand euros, but also worth millions. In any case, he has now built up several financial pillars. He’s not only making money as an entrepreneur with his company Morlock Motors. The businessman has also appeared very successfully on TV at DMAX and of course earned a rewarding fee for working in front of the camera. The cherished Michael Manousakis’ net worth is 2.5 million euros.

Steel Buddies – Business as hard as steel on DMAX

Income from Michael Manousakis
The series “Steel Buddies” was broadcast on German TV for the first time in 2014. In the meantime, a few seasons of the series have appeared, which revolves around the company of Michael Manousakis. After all, the business model of the successful entrepreneur is a very special one. He has one Exclusive contract with the US Armywhich stipulates that he has to buy up all of the old ones. These include mainly, but not only vehicles, but also objects of daily use such as these:

  • machinery
  • clothing
  • Military equipment
  • Various building items
  • Electronic items

In the meantime, Michael Manousakis has surrounded himself with a complete team that is only concerned with sort, catalog, and prepare US Army purchased items. Then dealers and private individuals buy the items. However, many of the items are initially stored on Morlock Motors’ premises before the right buyer has been found, sometimes also at auctions. One of the entrepreneur’s most curious auctions comprised 1,000 tampons, which found a new owner for 60 euros. The starting bid was only 1 euro.

What is known about Michael Manousakis

Michael Manousakis with Julie-Cristie
Michael Manousakis’ business is not just about reselling various items of the US military. Rather, it has Morlock Motors also specializes in repairing and restoring military and civil vehicles from the United States of America. Therefore, the company premises also include a workshop. Beyond his purchases from the US Army, the managing director lets himself be carried away again and again to buy other extraordinary goods and vehicles in order to do business with them as well. The owner of Morlock Motors is a businessman through and through. Julie-Cristie Neal takes care of Morlock Motors’ export trade in America.

Michael Manousakis expressly emphasizes that as a former comprehensive school student he has made it to his current success. The TV personality does not have completed vocational training, although his commercial talent simply cannot be denied. From his work as a freelance breakdown helper to his time as a rescue diver in Nigeria, Michael Manousakis has found a wide variety of ways to earn money. His He founded Morlock Motors in 1994 and has been extremely successful ever since. After all, the TV format “Steel Buddies” can now also be seen in other countries, such as in a dubbed form in Japan and Russia.

Morlock Motors

The Morlock Motors team consists of a few people First and foremost, of course, Michael Manousakis as the company’s managing director. Followed by his deputy, Alexander Janowsky, who acts as office manager. He takes care of the inventory of the deliveries, the accounting and the sale of Morlock Motors’ articles. Rosi Kötting-Drescher is the chief mechanic who, together with the other employees, takes care of the repairs and restorations of the vehicles. The metal construction master Michael Kurkowski is responsible for custom-made products and bodywork. Günter Zschimmer is the painter from Morlock Motors. Ingo Meier works as a workshop manager. Julie-Cristie Neal is responsible for export trade. The team also includes other mechanics who are responsible for working on the vehicles, unloading the deliveries and sorting and preparing the goods.

Michael Manousakis private

Steel Buddies and Julie-Cristie Neal
Michael keeps his private life really private and so does not let any information about himself or his family out to the public. But some things are now over Steel Buddies – Business as hard as steel known. For example, that Mister Morlock Motors is a handsome two meters tall. He’s married and has mentioned his wife on the show at one point or another. The Manousakis have a daughter together.

Michael Manousakis loves adventure

In his spare time he enjoys pursuing adventurous hobbies such as diving, mountaineering and sport shooting. The entrepreneur also has a private pilot license. He also owns airplanesWhich, of course, can also be attributed to his millionaire fortune. He also owns an Antonov An-2, which he has already used for a successful Atlantic crossing. Incidentally, Michael Manousakis did his military service in Mannheim and in doing so probably acquired some of the key skills that made him so wealthy.

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