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Arrest Warrant – How Much Fortune Does the Babo Have?

How rich is the warrant?

Chabos know who the babo is. With this title, rapper arrest warrant landed a surprise success in 2013. Despite the hard text and many words from other languages, the song became a club hit. This was followed by a deal with Universal, a highly acclaimed album, their own fashion collection and a shisha café and matching tobacco. The first book will even follow in 2017, an autobiography called “Hayat”, Turkish for life. But how much fortune could the rapper amass from all these areas?

Life on the run

The fortune of rapper arrest warrant
Gangster rapper Haftbefehl’s real name is Aykut Anhan and was born in Offenbach, which borders on Frankfurt. Offenbach is a social hotspot with the highest proportion of foreigners of all German cities. Nevertheless, Aykut was given a good childhood by his Kurdish father and Turkish mother. When the father committed suicide, however, the life of the then 14-year-old changed suddenly. Not only had the father hushed up his depression, but he had left behind a lot of debts. From this point on, Aykut felt responsible for his family and wanted to secure them financially. Accordingly, he dropped out of school at 15 and slipped into crime.

After he got the Youth arrest gets to know, he decides never to want to go to prison again. When an arrest warrant follows, which gives him his stage name, he and his brother leave for Istanbul. After a while he fled to Holland, where Aykut lived in Amsterdam and Arnhem. It was during this time that the artist’s first texts were written. With the promise to do a motor vehicle apprenticeship, he is allowed to return to Germany without having to go to jail. However, the arrest warrant also breaks this doctrine and opens a betting office, which, however, goes bankrupt.

Turn through the musical career

The income of rappers arrest warrant
Through his buddy and producer Jamal, Haftbefehl meets rapper and singer Jonesmann. After a recording session, he was so convinced of the Offenbacher’s talent that he signed him to his label Echte Musik. Then work on the label sampler begins, from which the track “Hungrig und Stur” will be published on the YouTube format “Halt die Fresse”. The video immediately divides the hip hop community. While some celebrate the influences of other languages, many criticize that this has little to do with German rap. Despite the many criticisms, the video garnered millions of clicks and a small one was created for the first time Hype about the young artist. Rappers like Kollegah and Farid Bang also recognize the Offenbacher’s talent and publish songs with him.

As the first solo album “Azzlack stereotype” but did not achieve the expected sales figures, the label Echte Musik closes its doors. He decides to set up the Azzlackz label with Echte Musik co-founder Andre “Chan” Rick and sings his brother Capo, Veysel from Essen and the duo Celo & Abdi. Over the years there have been many other rappers, such as Milonair and Hanybal, who publish their albums on the label. Haftbefehl himself publishes the albums Kanackiş and Blockplatin via Azzlackz before the next big step in his career is imminent: signing with the major label Universal Music. The album “Russian Roulette”, which many consider a modern classic, was released there in 2014. In the following year, Haftbefehl published the mixtape “Uncensored” without a major promo, before teaming up with rapper Xatar in 2016. Under the common name Coup they release the album “The Holland Job” under the label Four Music. This release brings Haftbefehl its first number 1 success. He also founds another label called “Generation Azzlack”, with which he helps young artists build their careers.

This is how the assets of arrest warrant are composed

The Assets of arrest warrant is made up of many different areas. First of all, of course, there is the income from his own music. In addition, there is the income from the two own labels with the artists under contract. There is also its own clothing line “Chabos” as well as a shisha café and shisha tobacco. But there are also many things that an arrest warrant turns down, such as participating in Big Brother for 70,000 euros.

1 Income from record sales

Rapper arrest warrant
With his first album “Azzlack Stereotype”, Haftbefehl could hardly have earned any money, after all, the high expectations were far from being met. With the establishment of the own label, however, things quickly went up. The second album “Kanackiş” entered the German charts at number 10, which in 2012 was a very strong performance. The successor “Blockplatin” even made it to number 4 and stayed in the charts for 5 weeks. Since arrest warrant was both the artist and the label owner at the time, he earned around 40% on a sold CD, i.e. between 6 and 7 euros per album. This earned him quite a bit of money accordingly. The deal with Universal helped arrest warrant again to increase his assets, he is said to have collected several hundred thousand euros in advance. Of course you have to add that the earnings on a sold CD are correspondingly low. The collaboration album with Xatar was released under the group name “Coup”, for this project a contract was entered into with Four Music, a subsidiary of Sony Music. Here, too, a considerable advance is said to have been made.

2 Merit through label work

Haftbefehl operates two labels: Azzlackz and Generation Azzlack. While the second was only founded in 2016 and Soufian was released for the first time in January 2017, Azzlackz has been around since 2012 and numerous albums have been released. Haftbefehl itself released two albums through the label, while Celo & Abdi even released three albums through Azzlackz. Veysel, who is no longer under contract with Azzlackz, released a mixtape and an album on the label. Milonair and Hanybal released 2 albums each on the Haftbefehl label. A total of 11 releases have already appeared on the label, with the label earning around a third from a CD. This gave Arrest Warrant a large share of his fortune.

3 Income from the fashion brand Chabos

Arrest warrant for fashion label Chabos
In 2014 arrest warrant founded the Fashion brand Chabos, on which he in turn collaborates with Warner Music. He got help with Chabos from Duki and Fu, who have been running the Beastin brand since 2013 and also have a shop that sells various other brands.
Hafti has also achieved some successes with his clothing line. Among other things, the most important fashion blog Highsnobiety reported on the fashion label. During one of his appearances in Germany, Chris Brown wore an outfit from the brand, which made headlines again. Probably the greatest success, however, are the Brudiletten, which are flip-flops based on the legendary Adiletten. They now appear in their third version. Through these successes, Haftbefehl was able to further increase its assets.

4th Income from the shisha bar and tobacco

In December 2015, Haftbefehl opened its first shisha bar in Babenhausen, near Frankfurt. Shisha bars are a line of business that some German rappers are already trying their hand at. Above all KC Rebell, with which the arrest warrant has had one more thing in common since October: its own tobacco. The tobacco is called like the bar Babos and is available in 5 different flavors: 069, Brudi, Chabos, Babos and Chaya. In December 2016, the second shisha bar was opened in Worms. This line of business also seems to be doing very well for Arrest Warrant, given the pictures of the full bars or the positive reviews of the tobacco. The water pipe business is once again washing a lot of money into Aykut Anhan’s pockets.

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