Best Ways To Ensure Your Microsoft Office 365 Data Protection

Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft Office 365 Data Security

Microsoft, understanding the concerns of potential users, pays great attention to data protection issues. It is betting on active monitoring of Office 365. Its goal is to identify all the dangers, both known and new. Events are also analyzed by their regularity. Irregular and unusual may indicate a threat. Client data is protected both programmatically (anti-viruses and firewalls) and at the physical level – through appropriately built data centers.

So, Office 365 is secure enough for businesses to use with all security settings “by default”. Any system can be upgraded and adapted to the specifics of your IT infrastructure, even cloud services. What is Microsoft Office 365 data protection capable of and is it necessary to make additional efforts to improve the information security of this service?

The Importance Of Microsoft Office 365 Data Protection

In an organization, user errors are inevitable, even if a powerful team is working on your business. Needless to say, even though we do all the work, we cannot avoid potential data entry and deletion errors.

Without Office 365 data security, malware can wipe your data and compromise your security system. It can take several days for security breaches to be fixed, further increasing data loss on your system.

Both of the above incidents are external threats that can be mitigated through efforts such as improving staff training and investing in stronger and stronger privacy and security systems. But your business data is more valuable than the risks you must take if your methods are left unaddressed. That’s why Microsoft Office 365 data security is a great solution that will help both individuals and business organizations.

Isn’t Native Microsoft Office 365 Data Security Enough

Microsoft Office protection platform is a reliable and high-performance platform that perfectly fits the requirements of many organizations. Office 365 keeps applications available and running continuously. But Microsoft’s built-in security controls offer only the most basic level of protection. This is not enough to protect against known, unknown, and advanced threats from the outside. Your data needs to be protected beyond what Office 365 security settings can provide, that’s why, to protect your data, you need the help of third-party solutions.

Tips On Protecting Your Microsoft Office Data

Like any cloud-based system, Microsoft Office 365 data security is pretty secure in its basic form, but there’s always something you can do:

  • change the basic settings, 
  • add extra layers of protection and reporting on top of what you get “out of the box”
  • add some third-party security solutions to enhance the protection. 

When you move to Office 365, you will unlikely want to give up all the extra features that can help you secure a layered security model when you start setting up the cloud.

Oh, and one more thing to enhance Microsoft 365 data security: 

  • by accepting the default settings, regardless of whether, for example, the password expiration policy is right for you, the only thing that often remains is hope for the best or maybe Microsoft’s default is right for your IT environment infrastructure and ensures its complete security from external and internal threats. 

SpinOne Solutions For Microsoft 365 Data Security

SpinOne from Spin Technology can help with Microsoft Office 365 security issues, as it is created to monitor, protect, and back up your Microsoft 365 data. It provides anti-ransomware SaaS data protection, enhances compliance, and decreases costs on IT.

Within SpinOne you get:

  • SpinSecurity – Insider threat monitoring & ransomware protection
  • Patented AI-powered monitoring to detect ransomware attacks in cloud applications;
  • Identify and block the source of a ransomware attack and prevent data loss;
  • Insider Threat Detection and Prevention.
  • SpinBackup – Reliable backup and restore
  • Automatic Cloud-to-Cloud data backup to protect cloud storage with the same folder hierarchy and version control;
  • Recovery 99.99%;
  • Multi-cloud storage for compliance and reliability.


Microsoft reaffirms its commitment to addressing the biggest issues and concerns that are holding customers back from data migration and cloud services. Cloud Microsoft Office 365 services information security systems are already solving many problems: they block up to 10 million spam messages per minute, and provide a 220% increase in the use of encrypted messages. Strengthening work in the field of information security guarantees potential customers the prevention of risks and incidents when working with Office 365.

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