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Milow: The Belgian singer’s fortune

How much money does Milow have?

Milow is one of the few musicians from Belgium who has also achieved considerable success internationally. The artist, whose real name is Jonathan Ivo Gilles Vandenbroeck, grew up north of Brussels. It wasn’t until the age of 23 that the singer and songwriter made his first big appearance. He performed for the first time in front of an audience at a music competition called “Humo’s Rock Rally”. Although he made it to the final, he was not granted a podium place. His self-written song “You Don’t Know” was still very well received by the jury. Today it is estimated Milow net worth 6 million euros.

Big hit “You don’t know”

Milow Income
In 2006, Milow was finally able to bring his debut album called “The Bigger Picture” on the market, on which he had worked with the music producer Nigel Powell. Guest musicians such as Johannes Verschaeve, Sergej Van Bouwel and Frederic Sioen could also be heard on this LP. Even if the singer has become a real star in many European countries, his debut was not particularly successful at first. It should take until the spring of the following year before the single “You Don’t Know” was released. It was precisely this hit that brought Milow the desired success.

Milow builds on his early successes

In February 2008, the newcomer made it to number 1 on the domestic charts with his second album, “Coming of Age”, only two weeks after its release. “Ayo Technology “clearly had catchy tunes, so that with this single release he was also granted pole position in the charts. Not only in Belgium, but also in Switzerland, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands, the Belgian made it to the top with his cover of the song by Timbaland, 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake. In Germany it was not enough for the top chart position. There, however, the song was one of the three top-selling titles of 2009.

Further income from concerts

Milow fortune
By 2016, the singer recorded six studio albums. He has worked with artists such as Marit Larsen, among others. As the headliner on the “Night of the Proms” concert tour in December 2018, the Belgian was able to prove that the Belgian now has plenty of fans in Germany too. At the concerts in Germany and Luxembourg, Milow appeared on stage alongside John Miles, Brayn Ferry, Tim Bendzko and the Pointer Sisters. As part of this series of concerts, Milow could also be seen in Belgium and the Netherlands alongside artists such as Suzanne Vega. These concerts, of course, increase the singer’s income many times over. The Belgian was also, among others, Jeanette Biedermann and Michael Patrick Kelly, participant in the sixth season of Sing my song – The Swap Concert on VOX.

The singer-songwriter was able to take home awards, especially in the early years of his career. In 2010 he received the European Border Breakers Award and in 2011 he received the Swiss Music Award in the “Best Newcomers International” category. The artist has already been nominated four times for the ECHO Award, but has not yet been able to take home such an award. So far, the star has received the most awards in Belgium. Both Music Industry Awards Milow was able to bag three awards in his home country in 2007, five in 2008 and three more awards in 2011. In 2012 he also received an award for the best pop act. We can be excited to see what else we will hear from Milow in the future.

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