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Mogol: real name, age, wife and children, songs, where he lives, illness, Lucio Battisti, Instagram

Mughal he is that talent of a man without which the whole world would not have had some of the masterpieces that have become a full part of Italian musical history. Let’s get to know him better.

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Who is Mogol?

Mogol is not only a lyricist and an author of songs and lyrics: we also owe to him the discovery of some great singing talents of Italian music. With his songs, for over 60 years, he has thrilled entire generations, both yesterday and today. Son of art, his father Mariano Rapetti was a director of the musical house Memories, where Mogol took his first steps in the world of music. His father also had a pseudonym: he was known as Calibi, has written numerous successful songs as a lyricist.

Mogol in his home in Umbria / Photo: Famiglia Cristiana

The good blood series does not lie, so that of Mogol is the story of an announced success, in his long career, Mogol has worked side by side with many other artists, producing beautiful songs for them: Lucio Battisti, Marcella Bella, Mango, Adriano Celentano, Gianni Morandi, Patty Pravo, the Dik Dik, Little Tony, Bobby Solo, Caterina Caselli, Mina, Riccardo Cocciante, the New Trolls, Mia Martini, Eros Ramazzotti and many others.

Real name

Known as Mogol, in the registry office he is Giulio Rapetti. It was SIAE in 1959 that chose the artistic pseudonym of Mogol for him: Giulio himself had presented a shortlist of 120 names previously invented at random and proposed to the Company. Today the name Mogol is a piece of the history of Italian music.

Mogol and Simone Cristicchi / Photo: Music Fan Page


Mogol is 85 years old, he was born in Milan on August 17, 1936, under the zodiac sign of Leo.

Wife and children

Serena De Pedrini is the young fashion designer married by Mogol in January 1961. Three children were born from their marriage: Mario, Alfredo (also known on Instagram with the stage name Cheops Mogol) And Carolina. After the end of the bond with his first wife, the author had a sentimental relationship with the poetess and painter Gabriella Marazzi, from which he had his fourth child, Francesco. Today the lyricist is married to Daniela Gimmelli, the woman he lives with on his large estate.

Mogol and his wife Daniela Gimmelli / Photo: Geo News


The spaces of a magazine page, even if virtual, are not enough to list and describe Mogol’s songs. Very difficult to choose among the masterpieces of his music where every text and every single word are imbued with art and inspiration flowers from the ordinary. We limit ourselves to mentioning a few, with the certainty in our hearts of having to sacrifice others that are equally significant and wonderful!

  • A tear on the face – Bobby Solo, 1964
  • The song of the sun – Lucio Battisti, 1971
  • And I think about you – Lucio Battisti, 1972
  • My free song – Lucio Battisti, 1972
  • A man to burn – Renato Zero, 1976
  • Love each other a little – Lucio Battisti, 1977
  • A woman as a friend – Lucio Battisti, 1978
  • Heavenly nostalgia – Riccardo Cocciante, 1982
  • A new friend – Mia Martini, 1982
  • In the air – Marcella Bella, 1983
  • My beloved enemy – Gianni Morandi, 1983
  • Mediterranean – Mango, 1992
  • The emotion has no voice – Adriano Celentano, 1999
  • Go on like this – Eros Ramazzotti, 2018

Mogol with one of his great friends, Eros Ramazzotti / Photo: CET

And the list could go on but we stopped because there are really a lot of emotions that start from the depths of the soul in listening to these immense songs.

Where does she live

Mogol lives in a dream residence in Avigliano Umbro, in the province of Terni. The author of Mediterranean owns a huge farm within which it is located Tenuta dei Ciclamini, a very renowned residential hotel relais. His land holdings span around 120 hectares and it took 10 years for his house to finish perfectly as he wanted it to.

Part of the Mogol estate in Avigliano Umbro / Photo: The Way Magazine

He personally financed the areas of the Umbrian-Lazio territory interested in the redevelopment of the project, inspired by the ancient houses of the past. Inside the estate there are two lakes, a horse stables, lots of nature and an immense avenue that connects the various areas. Mogol himself explained the reason for such a huge house:

Glimpse of La Tenuta dei Ciclamini / Photo: The Way Magazine

I wanted to build a real citadel of culture between Rome and Florence. I always traveled by plane and by car. Then I decided to stop here. A particular place that can only be glimpsed from the main square of the village was what I was looking for. I was not interested in privacy but simply in finding a place from where to see the change of seasons, the flowering of plants and live immersed in nature.


In 1992 Mogol founded in the municipality of Avigliano Umbro, in the province of Terni, the European Center of Toscolano (CET), a non-profit association with the aim of being a school for authors, musicians and singers.

With the singer Levante at CET of Mogol / Photo: Avigliano News


In 2019 Mogol went through a rather delicate moment for his health. He underwent heart surgery and managed to overcome this difficult challenge, with strength and tenacity, taking his life back in hand. This is what he tells in 2020 during an interview with Pierluigi Diaco:

We must learn to accept our own destiny, what life has in store for us. Last year I had heart surgery, with 4 bypasses. I was serene, I understood how important it was to accept, it is equivalent to praying … How am I? I am serene.

National Singers

Mogol gave birth to the Italian national cantanti, established in 1975 together with Gianni Morandi, Paolo Mengoli and Claudio Baglioni, who plays charity matches throughout Italy, and with whom he played almost 300 games and scored over 30 goal.

Mogol seen from behind during the 25th Match of the Heart at the Olympic Stadium in Rome on May 18, 2018 / Photo: Sport Enjoy Proiect

Lucio Battisti

In 1965 Mogol met the young Lucio Battisti, at the time guitarist de The Champions, and prompted him to undertake the activity of a solo singer. This is how the prolific partnership between the two artists began, which brought to light some of the most important masterpieces of Italian pop music. Their collaboration ended in 1980 but the two never revealed the reason.

Mogol and Lucio Battisti at the time of their artistic partnership / Photo:


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