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Cynical beautician, who is the influencer? Real name, age, husband, children, what he does, turnover, Instagram

Cynical beautician is theinfluencer – beauty advisor mostly followed by an increasingly large audience. Let’s try to understand who is behind this frank and rather original name: we will discover something surprising!

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Who is the Cynical Beautician, influencer of beauty?

The Cynical Beautician is among the influencer most followed and appreciated in Italy because she is sincere in giving beauty advice. Character exploded by five years, after twenty years spent as a beautician, he was born as a blogger but like time he manages to produce his first products for the body and face with the brand VeraLab through its online shop of the same name.

Here is the Cynical Beautician: shall we toast with her to her success? / Photo: Donna Glamor

What does it do

A success born from the desire of every woman to go to the beautician and who does not lie about physical appearance problems. She is the queen of cynicism 2.0, a real one queen beauty capable of touching the most painful notes of the female universe in terms of beauty. Cellulite, excess fat, unwanted hair are just some of its specialties.

Corner of the Cynical Beautician at the 2021 Venice Film Festival / Photo: MF Glamor

A new and completely different way to approach cellulite and body care that have allowed it to become the most famous on the Web, among other professionals of the beauty care, earning follower and views in no time.

Real name

Cristina Fogazzi is the real name of the Cynical Beautician.

Nice and smiling: Cristina Fogazzi aka Cynical Beautician / Photo: Donne Magazine


The Cynical Beautician is 47 years old: she was born in Sarezzo, a Lombard town in the province of Brescia, in 1974.


Cristina Fogazzi, aka Cynical Beautician, has been married since 2018 with Massimo Portulano, her historical boyfriend. A wedding celebrated in the Venice lagoon, with a party at Lost paradise of Cannaregio.

Cynical beautician crowns her dream of love by marrying Massimo / Photo: Instagram


For the moment our Cynical Beautician has no children!

Entrepreneurial intuition of beauty

With a course of classical studies, a proven twenty-year experience in the field of beauty and a good dose of cynicism, Cristina aka Cynical Beautician, gave birth to what today is one of the start up most successful in Italy. He begins to take care of his beauty blog and slowly make himself known. His is an excellent entrepreneurial intuition and today his products are among the most loved on the Web.

It all started in 2009 with the opening of his beauty center BellaVera in Milan. With the first post on Facebook in 2012 the blog was born and the success was immediate.

Pheasants queuing at the Venice Film Festival 2021 to meet the Cynical Beautician / Photo: Corriere della Sera

In 2015 it was the turn of thee-commerce and in 2019 he opened his own corner shop at the luxury store. Today, weaving perfectly business online And off-line, has over 380 thousand followers on Instagram and almost 500 thousand on Facebook, in addition to the pheasants that follow on YouTube.

The pheasants

The Cynical Beautician calls her hundreds of follower pheasants, a nice and original name. Like her, after all.


Cristina, aka Cynical Beautician, wrote the book together with Dr. Motta in 2016 Cynical Guide to Cellulite published by Mondadori, focusing on how to treat and cure cellulite.

Cynical Guide to Cellulite by the Cynical Beautician / Photo: Composure Magazine

No sooner said than done

In 2019 he leads a column in the Rai 2 television program No sooner said than done, led by Caterina Balivo, who helped to give it enormous popularity, making its products and brand known Vera Lab at the capillary level.

Beauties at the museum

The Cynical Beautician in the summer of 2021 leaves with a van to reach Southern Italy, deciding to restart from culture, after the crisis of the Covid pandemic. A consultation to take care of your body in the name of beauty, a free entrance ticket to the museum.

Beauty truck dCynical beautician to promote beauty and culture / Photo: La Repubblica

All aboard a beauty truck which stopped first in Ancora, then two days in Taranto (3 and 4 July) and finally an encore in Matera (10 and 11 July). Beauties at the museum is the slogan that accompanies the initiative, with the aim of bringing an audience that is perhaps not their usual frequenter closer to the cultural leaders. The Cynical Beautician writes on social media:

I’ve been working on this project since before the pandemic. This tour is a dream come true, it is the signal of the return to a normal life, it is my idea of ​​online business that goes to the territory in a creative way. Behind the project are all my guys, from marketing to beauticians, who work together with that charge that always moves me. I have chosen three incredible museums. All you have to do is embrace this idea that a small brand of creams wants to have the promotion of the territory and culture as its value.

Beauties at the museum with the Cynical Beautician / Photo: La Repubblica


28 million euros in revenues in 2019 obtained by selling face-body creams and treatments. In the first two months of the 2020 lockdown, it had a turnover of 10 million, while everything around it stopped, with the total balance sheet at the end of the year of 55 million. Skincare and signature body treatments VeraLab depopulated on the net one-commerce which has a monthly turnover of 1 million euros.

Red Carpet in Venice for the Cynical Beautician

True star of the skincare the Cynical Beautician parades on the Red Carpet of Venice 2021. An ironic, engaging and eccentric icon has met all the hundreds of pheasants who lined up at the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, for the opening of its new corner VeraLab in the lagoon city. All lined up for a selfie with her and an avalanche of tips for dry skin and facial cleansing and for a special gift from her: she gave every pheasant that arrived a ticket to enter the Peggy Guggenheim Museum.

What does the Cynical Beautician say?

I used to frequent the city even before, I am a lover of contemporary art and I used to come to see the Biennale. If I could this is a city where I would definitely buy a house … The queue upstairs waiting for me? It doesn’t scare me. It is a great pleasure to always meet the people who follow me.

In Venice the Cynical Beautician continues with the example of Body Positive. She is not very skinny but sells products for the body: for this she is criticized. She doesn’t care and wears what she likes, even on red carpet from Venice. She takes off with the smile that characterizes her and teaches all women that they can wear everything, not caring about the judgment of others.

Cynical beautician on Red Carpet in Venice 2021 / Photo: Donna Fan page


Let’s discover 3 curiosities about the Cynical Beautician:

  1. she is passionate about contemporary art;
  2. she loves to read and is an avid reader of David Foster Wallace;
  3. Barbie made a doll in her image.

Red carpet for an exultant Cynical Beautician at the 78th Venice Film Festival / Photo: Alamy


In his Instagram profile he says:

They talked about me on teletext

I bestow unsolicited beauty advice

I have a master’s degree in cellulite

I have a belly but it’s not contagious …

she is the cynical beautician and is followed by over 850 thousand followers. If you too want to be part of his audience and not miss any of his updates, click HERE.

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