Budgeting Your Projects: vs. Smartsheet Price Breakdown

If you seek a comprehensive yet cost-effective project management platform to handle all the hard work for you,  you have come to the right place. This guide revolves around and Smartsheet software. 

Buckle up your belts as we embark on the journey to dissecting their cost structures to determine whether they are worth your dime. Nonetheless, this guide will act as your compass, guiding you to make a prudent decision that sits well with your organizational needs. 

Why And Smartsheet?

You must wonder why we set these vendors as our baseline of all the effective PM platforms. and Smartsheet streamline project flow, harnessing the synergy of collaboration and innovation. You will get a clear insight by delving into their overviews. Here you go!–Where Simplicity Reigns

It is a trailblazing platform ruling the project management realm with its unprecedented simplicity and comprehensive nature. is beyond a basic solution. Instead, it is a feature-rich platform that handles business operations; tracks sales leads, simplifies work management, fosters collaboration and meets project deadlines. reigns supreme with its endless versatility and appealing visual interface. Another reason why it stands out is that it boasts exceptional product lifecycle management capabilities. It is the ideal solution to embrace growth and prosperity without tiring yourself out and ensuring a friendly workspace environment for teams. 

Smartsheet–Waltzing Towards Efficiency 

Smartsheet is an unprecedented enterprise task and project management platform. You can waltz through complex project workflows with this PM maestro. Moving beyond traditional spreadsheets with its grid-based structure, it bids farewell to never-ending manual task management. What’s more to it is that it’s synonymous with customizable solutions. 

Walk the tightrope between project deadlines, boost team coordination, and manage resource allocation in a breeze with Smartsheet. This PM maestro features enterprise-grade security and permission controls, putting you in control. The cherry on top is Smartsheet, which is structured on business intelligence workflows and thus smartly tackles all complexities in project journeys. 

Feature Range–Painting The Canvas

Let’s unravel the feature portfolios of and Smartsheet now before we head to the prime factor: the price tag. Exploring the integrated functionalities is crucial to understanding whether these resilient platforms fulfill their promise of being budget-friendly. So, with that in mind, let’s see the salient offering of both. is a very well-structured program and has divided its tools and services into three broader categories: Work management, Sales CRM, and Dev. 

Work Management  Sales CRM Dev
Project management

Resource management

Requests and approvals

Custom workflows

Portfolio management

Business operations

Goals and strategy

Task management


Sales pipeline

Contact management

Lead management

Lead capturing

Customer projects

Marketing activities

Customer onboarding

Roadmap planning

Feature backlog

Sprint management


Bug tracking

Agile projects

Release plan


A noteworthy fact here is that offers a distinct price bundle for all these categories. However, as our prime emphasis is work management, we will analyze that later on in this guide.


Unlike the former, Smartsheet doesn’t offer varying categories. It automates processes, optimizes workflows and shapes project lifecycle under one roof by providing an impeccable feature range that’s as follows:

Smartsheet Features
Activity Log

Administration Controls

Admin Center



Bridge intelligent workflows

Calendar view

Card View

Cell Linking


Content collaboration

Custom Branding

Custom Email Domains


Data egress

Data Retention Controls

Desktop app

Document generation with e-signature

Enterprise Plan Manager

Event Reporting

Export, email & print

Form and formulas

Gantt and Grid view

Mobile app

Notification Center

Hierarchy Plan Insights

Strategic plan dashboard


Resource Management 

Sheet sharing

Update requests

Work Insights

As you can see, Smartsheet strictly revolves around the work management spectrum. It is a project management maestro breaking barriers to unconditional success and team productivity. Considering its extensive feature range, it seems like a pricey vendor, but that’s not it. vs. Smartsheet: Evaluating The Price Spectrum

Surprisingly, both our integral platforms entice users with free plans. Even though the free plans offer limited services, they serve as a virtual demonstration. It’s like going on a test drive to assess what lies within. Besides that, they offer exclusive tiered plan bundles with monthly and annual subscriptions. Now that you know the basics, let’s conduct an in-depth price evaluation. Pricing Options offers an array of price bundles based on the product type. Here, we will explore the price options you have for the work management category. It comprises five feature-rich cost bundles, where the price-tiers work for teams having a minimum of three users. Here you go with the particulars of price bundles!

  • Free: Free forever for upto two users. It comprises foundation features including whiteboard collaboration, unlimited docs and dashboards, mobile apps and shareable tools. Suited for individuals to keep track of their work.
  • Basic: Costs $10/seat/month billed annually . Provides unlimited boards and docs, custom fields, embedded documents, advanced integration options, and custom fields. Suited for small teams just getting started. 
  • Standard: Costs 12/seat/month billed annually. Equipped with specs including timeline, Gantt, map, and calendar views, Zoom integration and guest access. Suitable for growing teams seeking improved productivity and enhanced visualization.
  • Pro: Costs $19/seat/month billed annually. Offers advanced work management, dependency column, time tracking, Google authentication, formula, and chart views. Tailored for larger teams seeking scalability. 
  • Enterprise: Custom-made plan. Features enterprise-level security, tailored onboarding, advanced reporting and analytics, multi-level permission, customer success manager, and premium integrations. Suited for global chains wanting to meet compliance requirements. 

Smartsheet Pricing Options

Now, let’s keenly evaluate Smartsheet pricing plans. It presents four options to its users. You can choose the one that suits you best in the context of managing business operations efficiently. Let’s have a sneak peek into the pricing bundles of Smartsheet that will enable you to transcend barriers.

  • Free: Free forever for one user and two editors. Includes Gantt, card, grid, and calendar views, which the former doesn’t offer except for its standard plan. It also covers Google Workspace, slack and Microsoft Office integrations to help people flourish from the get-go. 
  • Pro: Costs $7/user/month billed annually. Offers unlimited forms, sheets, dashboards and unlimited free viewers, user management and email support services, and a free plan. Suited for small teams.
  • Business: Costs $25/user/month billed annually. Includes extensive services such as document builder, baselines, unlimited automation, admin center, proofing and activity log. Works for growing teams and even features PowerBI and Tableau integrations. 
  • Enterprise: Tailor-made for enterprises. Provides DocuSign and directory integration alongside enterprise plan manager, user account provisioning, WorkApps and enterprise access controls services. 

The Final Verdict

In our opinionated version, Smartsheet scores the ground in this vs. Smartsheet price analysis. Undoubtedly, is second to none. It lays down a plethora of options for its users to choose from and has categorized its price bundles with respect to product type. However, Smartsheet pricing plans are more comprehensive for project management maestros. also shines but for people seeking a business management platform as it goes beyond fundamental project management requirements.

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