4 Most Outstanding DNS Servers In 2022

Each website on the Internet has a specific IP address. And computers use these addresses to access websites. Ip addresses consist of digit number combinations. These combinations are called IP addresses. On the contrary, users type names on the browsers to access any websites. A DNS has been created to solve this difference.  Without a Domain Name System, users would have to remember complicated and hard-to-remember numbers to access any website. 

Thanks to DNS, people can reach websites or any other Internet Service by using names. Because Domain Name System’s main working principle is to convert names into numbers so that computers can understand and redirect users to correct websites. 

The DNS Filtering Service

The DNS also functions as an online security tool. Mainly because DNS classifies and filters IP addresses to block malicious or dangerous websites. This feature is crucial, especially for businesses. Managers can decide on which websites should be filtered to protect employees from phishing websites. If a DNS filtering service detects harmful content on the website that an employee attempts to access, blocks users’ access to it. This is how DNS Filtering works in business online security infrastructure. 

How To Choose The Correct DNS Service For Your Organization?

When we mentioned DNS Server, one question came to the manager’s mind. How to choose an appropriate DNS server for my enterprise. There are a few criteria that they must consider to decide on the proper one. First of all, managers should determine their final purpose. If you are an organization that has lots of workers, some of whom work remotely, your prior purpose should be your company’s total online security. Any data breach or cyber attack can damage your reputation and get you into financial trouble. To avoid these kinds of catastrophes, precautions should be taken. 

After deciding on the final purpose, enterprises should make a plan. This plan can consist of security structure, employee training, and fulfilling legal obligations. In terms of DNS security, enterprises should have both allowlists and blacklists. Allowlists refer to the website lists that are considered secure and there is no problem for employees to visit them. On the contrary, blacklists refer to websites that are detected as malicious by the company. A DNS server enables companies to regulate website access permissions so that their employees are protected from possible threats. 

4 Most Outstanding DNS Servers In 2022

Google Public DNS

The Google Public DNS Server offers many advantages. The outstanding feature of Google DNS is speed. While DNS Servers are vital for the business’ online security infrastructure, velocity became a prior concern. Organizations should consider Internet speed to level up their business and facilitate their employee’s work. The appropriate DNS Server should function without compromising on velocity yet it should enable security. The Google Public DNS server diminishes the time needed to answer user queries. 

Another advantage of using a Google Public DNS Server is of course security. We mentioned before that DNS servers also have online security functions. To avoid detrimental attacks, Google DNS Server uses Domain Name Security Extensions (DNSSEC). In this context, we need to inform readers about cache poisoning. It stands for malicious attempts that redirect users to malicious websites from which the user intended to. With the whole DNSSEC support that Google DNS Server provides, cache poisoning can be eliminated. 

NordLayer DNS Filtering Service 

The Nordlayer DNS Filtering Service promises total business conformity, productivity, and security. Choosing a DNS filtering system for a business is not child’s play and you need to spend some energy and time on it. First of all, NordLayer helps enterprises to categorize websites. Managers can easily pick only beneficial and trustworthy websites while blocking other malicious ones. So they create databases that contain both allowed and blocked websites. Avoiding access to possible ransomware, malware, and phishing including websites,  enterprises can protect their users from threats. 

Blocked websites have not to be malware or phishing risky. Thanks to NordLayer DNS Service opportunities, enterprises can avoid social media and other distractive website access. To increase employee productivity and prevent employees from loss of time, this precaution should be considered. 

The NordLayer also offers extensive and detailed content filtering. It categorizes content distracting, file sharing, violence, hate, terrorism, and adulthood. While considering these categories, companies can catch optimum protection and productivity. From the remote worker’s point of view, content filtering becomes more critical. It is easy with NordLayer to keep off-premises workers safe due to the ease of installing NordLayer. Your outreach crew can simply install and start taking advantage of NordLayer security in 30 seconds. 

Control D 

Control D also serves as a DNS Server with some advantages. Firstly, it blocked risks that are rooted in IP addresses like many other DNS Servers. The good thing about Control D is that it can be used on every device. So, companies can extend their protected area and diminish the attack surface. Control D also blocks advertisements and trackers to avoid data leakage or phishing attempts. Pricing depends on the package that you want to choose. To take advantage of many beneficial tools, you need to choose an extensive package. 

Quad9 DNS Server

To protect your employees from phishing and malware, you can consider Quad9 DNS Server. When compared to NordLayer DNS Filtering Service, Quad9 offers less. But it is preferable due to its free service opportunity. If you are looking for a free but not so comprehensive, protective DNS Server, you can give it a try. Another benefit of Quad9 is that it is easy to set up so you do not need to make a huge effort to exploit it. 

Last Words On DNS Servers

We all agree that DNS Servers are a must for enterprises today. To meet their output targets, they need to adopt a proper DNS Filtering Server and start to function. Although there are several DNS Servers that they can choose from, some of them offer more protection and productivity besides the other additional benefits such as NordLayer. You can decide on which Service to choose considering your organization’s scale, weak points, and requirements.

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