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Moving With No Time to Spare: How to Sell a House Fast

Are you trying to sell your home but are short on time? Perhaps the market is peaking, and you’ll make out like a bandit. Or maybe your neighbors bought their son his first drum set.

Whatever the reason for a move, a time crunch can add panic to an already stressful life change. Americans rated moving as the most stressful event in their lives—topping even divorce.

Don’t let stress close the door on you selling your home. Read on to learn how to sell a house fast.

Hire the Best

There are two main ways to sell a home: for sale by owner or through an agency.

The most significant benefit of selling it yourself is that you’ll save on a 3 to 5% commission cut. But if time is of the essence, this isn’t the strategy for you.

Realtors have marketing teams, networks, and listing sites at their disposal. They’ll hire professional photographers to showcase your home. The quickest way to sell anything is to advertise it properly.

There are less conventional means, too. You could sell your home to a developer, at an auction, or through an investor that’ll flip it. They all advertise their services with a similar refrain: we buy houses with cash.

These groups are easy to sell to. Their profits rely on buying large quantities of homes.

The Price Is Right

Even in a seller’s market, you’re not guaranteed to sell your home. The best way to distinguish your home from the rest is by pricing it competitively.

Research what neighboring homes (comps) are selling for. Knowing the average is a comparative advantage.

Undercut their listing prices. This can incite bidding wars among prospective buyers.

Try to reduce the price of your house below a common bracket. If you’ve priced it at $300,000, listings may filter your home from searches. List it at $299,000 instead.

You should also consider a price decay schedule. If your home isn’t selling fast enough, reduce the price on a set schedule.

A Weekend of Updates to Sell a House Fast

There’s no time for overhauling your entire home. Extensive renovations like updating the kitchen benefit sellers without a time limit.

Set aside the weekend before you list your property.

These are some of the quickest renovations with the highest payoff:

  • Replace any carpets (4-5 hours)
  • Get new light fixtures (2 hours)
  • Repaint the living room and bedrooms (3-4 hours)
  • Trim the hedges and overgrown plants (3 hours)
  • Plant flowers (2 hours)

When people see a potential home, their first impression lasts the longest.

A Buyer’s Schedule

Selling a home fast means you must forego some conveniences. You have to accommodate all potential buyers. This is a scheduling nightmare, but you’ll need to show your home whenever a buyer requests.

Host open houses and exclusive showings frequently. The more people that can get their foot in your door, the better the odds.

If you’ve hired an agent, they’ll do the tours. But you’ll still have to manage your time well.

You can’t be lounging on the sofa during a showing!


Selling your home is stressful enough, and fighting the clock adds another layer of anxiety. However, there are some things you can do to sell a house fast.

You should hire the best real estate agent you can afford. Price the house below your neighbors’ homes and accommodate buyers. Take a weekend to fix up your home.

If you’re still in the housing market, check out our other articles on buying and selling homes.

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