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Mr Wrong Advances: June 22, June 23 and June 24 Bets

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Mr Wrong Advances: June 22, June 23 and June 24 Bets

Mr Wrong Lessons Of Love: Advances for June 16, June 17 and June 18 on channel 5, with the summary corresponding to the second Turkish episode (total 14 episodes) of Mr Wrong! Ezgi and Ozgur grappling with their deal: Can Yaman as Mr Wrong is the classic rascal who loves to be free and rejects commitments. Egzi (played by Ozge Gurel) instead she is romantic and… unlucky in love! In this episode they know their respective parents, but a twist is just around the corner!

ADVANCES Mr Wrong June 22nd

While Ozgur he is talking to Ezgi he hears the entrance bell and when he opens the door he is in front Yeshim and Serdar. Ozgur is very surprised, but invites them to enter. Serdar asks what happened at the restaurant and worries about Ezgi’s bruised wrist even though Ozgur, annoyed, tells him that he has medicated him, Yeshim, in turn, worries about Ezgi’s hand. Ozgur red after the punch delivered to Soner and hurries to take some ice to apply.

The general embarrassment is overcome thanks to the arrival of Deniz e Ozan worry about Ezgi. Then Ezgi moves to his house followed by Deniz and Serdar, while Yeshim, suspicious of the proximity of Ozgur e Ezgi stays with Him and Ozan.

Meanwhile while Levent and Cansu they are spending the evening together, Levent’s daughter Zeynep arrives, he is very embarrassed and introduces Cansu as a colleague. Cansu at first indulges him , but then, disappointed that he, for the umpteenth time, has not been able to tell his daughter about their relationship, she tells him that it is all over between them.

ozgur ezgi serdar and yashim together

ozgur ezgi serdar and yashim together

Deniz, left alone with Ezgi he tells her that Ozgur has confused her thoughts and that at that moment he is with another woman. Meanwhile Cansu arrives and announces that he has left Levent, then she and Deniz tell Ezgi not to push Serdar away until she is sure of her feelings and to remember that Ozgur is an untrustworthy person.

Meanwhile Ozgur tells Yeshim that there is nothing between them and not to have false hopes, then she, after having told him not to be in love with him, but to be just a friend, goes away. Ozan talks to Ozgur and tells him that it is evident that he cannot bear to see Ezgi near Serdar and that if he is interested in her he must act immediately.

Meanwhile, Serdar and Yeshim, annoyed by the proximity of Ezgi and Ozgur, go to the hospital to meet Levent. Here Serdar asks him why he told him that Ozgur is in love with Yeshim as it is not true. Levent, reminded of the lie he told him at the wedding (to save the situation between him and Ezgi), tells him that he was duped by Ozgur who told him to hide his interest in Ezgi. Serdar is very irritated by Levent’s statement and tells Yeshim that they must do something to drive them away.

The next morning while Ozgur and Ezgi are together on the terrace they hear the bells of their doors ringing at the same time. When Ezgi opens, he finds his mother in front of him, while Ozgur finds his mother and aunt. Both make a good face in the face of unpleasant and inappropriate visits.

All, arriving with suitcases, settle down at their respective children’s home. Ozgur’s mother asks him if he has left Ezgi, he denies adding that he doesn’t want to, then he goes to the terrace and meets Ezgi and they both hope that their mothers have not met and have not understood that they live close by. Both of them are in a panic knowing that if mothers meet they will be in trouble. Ezgi and Ozgur saw their mothers’ insistence on getting to know the neighbors they discourage them by inventing imaginative stories. However, both mothers, having understood that the two boys are still together, each organize plans for themselves to make them leave.

ADVANCES Mr Wrong 23 June

Ezgi’s mom he says he goes out because he has plans for which Ezgi goes to the restaurant and here she talks to Ozgur telling him that Mom is obsessed with the two of them, to which he tells her that the same thing happens to her mother. Then they get to work trying to hide that they are jealous of each other.

There Ezgi’s mom she goes to the hospital because she wants to meet Ozgur who she thinks is a doctor. While talking to Serdar, Cansu and Ezgi arrive and take her away, but Ezgi is forced to tell her the truth about her and Ozgur. Nevim gets angry and wants her to go home at all costs, but Cansu manages to calm her down by telling her that Ezgi is dating Serdar.

Ozgur and Ezgi worried that mothers will meet

Ozgur and Ezgi worried that mothers will meet

Ezgi goes back to the restaurant e he tells everything to Ozgur who apologizes and tells her he will try to fix it. Ozgur’s mother and aunt also arrive that they want him to know a girl who makes him forget Ezgi. Arriving at the restaurant they meet Ezgi with Ozgur and they sit at a table all together, then when they remain alone with Ezgi they imply that she is trying to take advantage of Ozgur’s generosity and position. Meanwhile, the mother and stepfather of Ezgi and as Ozgur sees them he rushes to his mother and from his aunt and can hardly push them away because they are determined to speak ill of Ezgi to him and put her in a bad light. Then Ozgur after he succeeded to avoid the danger of an unpleasant encounter between their parents, she goes to Ezgi who is talking to her mother and to Umil (the stepfather) who ask her for an explanation of her behavior. Ozgur apologizes to Ezgi’s parents and blames himself for the whole story. Then Nevim tells him that he must tell his mother everything and put an end to the unpleasant situation.

Having freed themselves of their respective parents and left alone both Ozgur and Ezgi are very nervous so she proposes to him to go out and go somewhere where they can relax and talk, he accepts immediately and they leave the place.

Ozan has invited Deniz and Erdem to dinner to talk about their old days when they went to school together, while waiting for Erdem to arrive, Deniz tells him about Ezgi and Ozgur and tells him she is worried that her friend will approach him, Ozan very quietly tells her that he thinks that this time he really fell in love. Erdem and Cansu arrive and have a happy dinner all together. Levent became jealous of Cansu, after she left him, he followed her to see who she was going out with and, when he reached the restaurant, he sat down a short distance from their table to observe them. After a while he is bothered by Emre (the bartender) who posing as a great expert gives him unsolicited advice on relationships with women.

ADVANCES Mr Wrong June 24th

Ozgur and Ezgi kiss

Ozgur and Ezgi kiss

It is evening elto Ozgur’s mom and aunt they find themselves at home and complain about her relationship with Ezgi who they consider a manipulator. Then they prepare an infusion of herbs which must be used to drive the negative influence of Ezgi out of the house. They take part of the infusion from the pot, leaving the rest on the lit fire and go to spread the vapors throughout the apartment and also on the terrace, forgetting the lit stove. Suddenly they hear the fire alarm go off. Ezgi’s mother returned home and went out on the terrace, she too hears him coming from the apartment next door and while she goes to see she collides (meets) with Ozgur’s mother and aunt.

Ozgur and Ezgi stopped at a beautiful place overlooking the Bosphorus and here they finally talk about them. Ozgur asks her why she told him the lie about going out to dinner with Serdar. Ezgi hesitating does not answer. Ozgur presses on adding that he needs an answer to sort out his ideas about the two of them. Ezgi looks at him excitedly and kisses him in response.

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