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NHL salaries and earnings of US ice hockey players in 2021/2022

That’s how much the NHL pros really make

Ice hockey and especially the NHL (National Hockey League) as the strongest league in the world inspires millions of people. There are also many fans of the US league in Europe and so the NHL enjoys great TV ratings. No wonder that Superstars from the 32 NHL teams collect incredible salaries and have built a large fortune quickly, but lag behind in the merits of the NBA and NFL superstars. In principle, every US team is subject to the so-called salary cap, which regulates the total salary per team and must not be exceeded. The NHL salary cap will be included in the 2021/22 $ 81.5 million per team.

NHL Salaries 2021/2022:

These players make the most money in the 2021/2022 NHL season. The values ​​include bonus payments.

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