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Ninja (Tyler Blevins): The Streamer’s Fortune

How much money does ninja have?

Ninja (civil: Richard Tyler Blevins; also known as NinjasHyper) became known worldwide in 2018 due to the hype surrounding Fortnite. He manages to generate multiple millions of dollars in income with streaming. Most of his earnings come from the Twitch streaming platform and his videos on YouTube. The cherished Ninja net worth is 21 million euros.

In 2019, Ninja left Twitch for a lucrative deal with Microsoft’s mixer that is said to have grossed up to $ 30 million. However, Mixer shut down again in the summer of 2020 and the streamer signed an exclusive multi-year contract with Amazon’s Twitch. He has more than 15.5 million followers on the platform.

Familiarity with Fortnite
Income from ninja

E-sports was still a niche topic until a few years ago. Counter Strike and Dota 2, whose game broadcasts could be found on the Internet, were particularly in vogue. Before he could turn his hobby into a profession, however, he worked in a restaurant and attended Silver Lake College.

For the first time Ninja appeared in public in 2009 with the game Halo 3. He played for several teams, including Luminosity Gaming. He started as a live streamer in 2011, back then with the game H1Z1. He later switched to the hype game PUBG. After Epic Games released Fortnite, he streamed that game regularly. Long before the game was even known.

Fortnite became more and more popular and thus ninja too. By September 2017 he had already built half a million followers and another six months later, he achieved growth of around 250 percent. In June The first e-sports event with the game Fortnite as a discipline took place in 2018. It was a charity event where several celebrities competed against each other for a good cause. Ninja won the event along with teammate Marshmello.

On August 1, 2019, Ninja switched from Twitch to Microsoft’s Mixer platform. Here the streamer has signed an exclusive contract and earned between 20 and 30 million US dollars with the deal. Microsoft had decided to enter into a contract with him since he the world’s most successful streamer is at all. In June 2020, the surprising end of Mixer came and the streamer would be contractually unbound again. Whether he’ll go back to Twitch or sign a new exclusive deal with Facebook Gaming remains to be seen.

Real estate and cars
Ninja salary

Ninja keeps a low profile when it comes to assets. It is known that he owns a 680 square meter house in Chicago and is said to live in it with his wife. He should also have one Own a Ferrari 458 in red worth 200,000 euros.

What does Ninja do for a living?

After Ninja spent his first year in Detroit, the family decided to move to Chicago. He consequently attended Grayslake Central High School. His hobbies were video games and soccer. When he graduated from high school, he had no need to start studying. He wanted to become a professional video gamer.

Ninja’s sources of income are very extensive. His hobby has long since become a company. His most enduring partnership is likely to be with Red Bull eSports his, which he signed in June 2018. As the first eSports player ever, he also made it onto the cover of ESPN magazine.

From Twitch to Mixer and back again

Merit of ninja

When he left Twitch on August 1, 2019, the number was circulating between 20 and 30 million US dollars, which he is said to have received from Microsoft for the exclusive contract. After streaming on Mixer for the first time, it even reached 76,000 viewers, making the stream more successful than its previous livestreams on Twitch.

In July 2019, he also announced that he want to publish three books. The first book is a guide for streamers, this is entitled Ninja: Get Good: My Ultimate Guide to Gaming and has since appeared. The second book called Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game (Graphic novel) is about the fact that he ends up in a battle royale game himself. The third is a mixture of an artbook and a notebook.

When Mixer was closed again in the summer of 2020, the streamer was initially not bound by any contract until Amazon brought it back to Twitch with a multi-year, high-paying contract. The public does not yet know how much money was actually offered.

Ninja as an advertising character

Ninja is without a doubt an influential person on the scene. With his Streaming videos on YouTube he generates a monthly salary of up to 80,000 euros. Thanks to his partnership with Red Bull (Dietrich Mateschitz), it is even printed on the cans. Ninja received a sum of around 900,000 euros from EA for an Apex Legends livestream. With such advertising deals, the streamer can further expand his fortune.

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