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Olive Abercrombie


Olive Abercrombie is an American child star who rose to fame after playing the character Abigail in The Haunting of Hill House. Olive was only eleven years old when she first got the role. She is the daughter of James and Karla Jean Davis. Her parents are both filmmakers and have directed films such as “Golgotha” and “Passion Play.” Olive has a large fan base on social media, where she goes by the username @oliveabercrombie.

Her Interests 

Olive Abercrombie was born on June 2, 2011 in Atlanta, United States. Her birthday falls on the second of June. She has one younger sister, Ora Winter Abercrombie. Olive enjoys reading, photography, learning, and traveling. She also enjoys surfing the internet and learning new things. You can find out about her height and weight by reading about her life. She has been married only one time and is not yet engaged.

Immense Fan Following 

Olive Abercrombie is an American child artist with over 53k Instagram followers. She has also starred in several films, including the popular Outer Range. She is the daughter of James Abercrombie, a senior illustrations architect at Mail Chimp. Olive has a younger sister, Ora Winter Abercrombie, who has about 3.5k followers. This popularity helped her to land the role of Amy Abbott. Olive Abercrombie is ten years old.

Facts about Olive Abercrombie

Olive Abercrombie is also a famous American actress. She plays Abigail in the 2018 Netflix original series The Haunting of Hill House. Her parents are very rich, as evidenced by her Instagram account. Olive’s parents also manage her Instagram account, and it is full of photos of her friends. Her body measurements are unknown, but she is 4 feet 8 inches tall. It’s unknown whether Olive has a boyfriend.

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