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Paul Teutul Jr .: the fortune of the reality TV star

How much money does Paul Teutul Jr. have?

Anyone who knows the TV format “American Chopper” also knows Paul Teutul Junior. With this TV format, the motorcycle manufacturer Orange County Choppers was able to present itself very effectively on American TV. The motorcycle manufacturer, which fans love for its great chopper designs, has also achieved international fame. As the founder of the company, Paul John Teutul Senior naturally brought his sons on board. Not only his junior was also on TV. While Paul Teutul Junior is now running his own company, part of his million dollar fortune can be traced back to his time on reality TV. Paul Teutul Jr. has an estimated net worth of 7.5 million euros.

Success with Paul Jr. Designs

Paul Teutul Jr.
In the meantime, Paul Teutul Jr. has also started offering his customers motorcycle custom-made products according to their wishes. His company also sells motorcycle clothing. Paul Teutul Jr. was in the ramp duty from 2002. After all, the American entrepreneur was able to benefit from this gig until 2009. But then there was a dispute with his father and his business partner, so that the junior was no longer allowed to work for the father’s company and had to deal with his dismissal. In April 2009 one of the last episodes of “American chopper“, In which Junior was shown again, but that he himself had finally decided to leave his father’s company.

In the same year, the way was clear for Paul Teutul Junior to finally do his own thing. From now on he only appeared as a consultant for his father’s company. With his company, Paul Jr. DesignsIncidentally, he did not initially concentrate on the motorcycle sector. Rather, the reality TV star designed a dog park in Montgomery, New York, as well as numerous dog toys. Only in the following year did the son of the man appear as a competitor for his father.

Paul Teutul – Senior versus Junior

Merit of Paul Teutul Jr.
Paul Teutul Jr. has since made it back on TV. But of course not without his father. In the format “American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior“Father and son fight the battle that preoccupies them in real life. After all, they both work in the same business and therefore address the same customers. But why didn’t Paul Teutul Jr. start building custom motorcycles straight away and first take a detour? All of a sudden, designing dog toys seems a little off the beaten track for a reason.

In fact, Paul Teutul Jr. had to sign a contract that did it has explicitly forbidden him to become a competitor of his father. After the contractually set period of one year had expired, the junior was finally able to start his attack on Orange County Choppers and stir up the business properly. Cody Connelly is just one of the employees who moved from Orange County Choppers, the father’s company, to the son’s company.

  • American Chopper was in 9 seasons from 2003 – 2012 broadcast.
  • In 2018 and 2019 there was a comeback of the brawlers with the 10th and 11th seasons

Also Michael Joseph Teutel, Paul Junior’s brother, is now working for the Junior’s company. Even his departure was apparently not entirely voluntary. Obviously, the father was not satisfied with the performance of his younger son. In view of his alcohol addiction, it is probably better if Michael can continue to work for the family business, but this time for his brother’s company, in order to find the necessary support there. In any case, you can still make really good money with TV appearances and Paul Teutul Jr. shows this with his own reality TV series.

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