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Phil Collins: The Musician’s Fortune

How rich is Phil Collins?

Phil Collins is one of the most famous musicians of today. So it is not surprising that the Briton is worth so many millions of euros. The gifted artist, who is now also a book author, can certainly make good use of this fortune. After all, the singer and drummer did five children. However, none of his three marriages lasted. The estimated net worth of Phil Collins is 255 million euros.

The star is said to have paid almost 30 million euros just for the divorce from his third wife, Orianne Cevey. It should therefore not surprise anyone that he no longer feels like getting married again in the future. What is astonishing is that Phil Collins was married to Orianne Cevey from 1999 to 2008. From this marriage two sons were born. In any case, Collins could easily afford the divorce. From 2016, the divorced couple lived again with their two sons in Miami. One wonders why they got divorced. In 2020 a war of the roses broke out again and the couple separated again, because Orianne married businessman Thomas Bates in Las Vegas. She is said to continue to occupy the $ 40 million Collins villa and refuse to move out.

The family life of Phil Collins

Phil Collins income
The fact that Phil Collins is now living again with this very ex-wife who cost him so much money is probably due to his sense of family. Together with two of his sons, Matthew and Nicholas, Phil lives again under one roof with his ex – in sunny Miami on the east coast of the USA. The musician and his ex-wife already had one in 2000 Foundation called “Little Dreams” founded. It is concerned with promoting the potential and talents of young people.

There is much more to him than just love with his ex-wife. Incidentally, his son Nicholas shares his love for music. Just like his father, he is a drummer. Since the “Not dead yet” tour in 2017 Nicholas Collins even appeared as a drummer in his world-famous father’s band. The mister papa is said to be the second richest drummer in the world. At least that’s what estimates from 2012 put Phil Collins’s fortune at $ 250 million. Ringo Starr is the only drummer who has more money to spare.

Excerpts from a successful musician career

More than 250 million records sold speak a very clear language. This left-hander from Great Britain is without a doubt one of the most successful musicians of all time. In doing so, Phil Collins did not initially see himself as a solo artist, but as a Member of the rock band Genesis made a name. In the Billboard “Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists” ranking, the American by choice made it to 26th place. From 1984 to 1989 alone, he had seven number one hits, plus a number one award with the band Genesis.

Phil Collins fortune
But for Phil Collins, behind the scenes, his professional highs were also repeatedly associated with private lows. The artist himself admitted that he often had far too little time for his family. The failed marriages prove this more than clearly. His too Alcohol addiction testifies to the demons with which Phil Collins must have tormented deep inside.

But meanwhile he has also overcome this suffering and the Reconciliation with ex-wife Orianne should have spurred his further career again. Only after leaving these personal lows behind did the star return after a 6-year break from the stage with his son Nick. Although the musician struggles with health restrictions, he toured the world again in both 2017 and 2018. We look forward to seeing a lot more from Phil Collins.

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