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Verona and Franjo Pooth
Unfortunately, Verona Pooth has had to endure a lot of negative headlines in recent years. The small family came into the focus of the media not only because of the bankruptcy of her husband, Franjo Pooth, whom Verona married for a second time in 2004. Because Verona’s former bodyguard is currently on trial because he is said to have admitted that he murdered his wife coldly. Verona is understandably shaken. After all, she had let her former protector close to her children as well. It is unthinkable if something had happened to her two sons, whom she and Franjo Pooth had together. After the so-called Pooth affair, which lasted a good 7 years and resulted in her husband’s creditors being left with around 18 million euros, now finally seems to be over, there is heated debate about whether Verona Franjo will have to pay pocket money from now on. Because he is now poor as a church mouse, because he had to stick with his private fortune.

Dieter Bohlen’s ex-wife could definitely afford it. Because Verona Pooth should have private assets of around 20 million euros. At the end of her husband’s bankruptcy, Pooth, as she is often called in the relevant media, also triggered its own shit storm. Because while the end of the bankruptcy was announced, the Pooths went on vacation and Verona posted half-naked selfies of themselves. In addition, she granted very private insights than hers 300 square meter villa was seen on TV at RTL. The fact that Franjo Pooth continues to drive his wife’s fat sports car should not have pleased most of the creditors either.

The rise of the Verona Feldbusch

Without Dieter Bohlen, Verona Pooth would not have been able to amass a fortune of over 20 million euros. Because the daughter of a German father and a Bolivian mother who came to Hamburg as a child and native of Verona Feldbusch means, became famous throughout Germany through her admittedly very short marriage to the pop titan. Anyone who didn’t know Verona as a singer or model before, has known her since her time as a woman at Bohlen’s side. Initially, Verona worked as a model. Because at the age of 15 she was approached by a photographer on the street. In 1990, while visiting a discotheque, she was very lucky that a DJ noticed her. Alex Christiansen promptly produced the song “Ritmo de la Noche” with her and Verona Feldbusch became a sought-after singer. After all, she was represented in the German charts with her hit for 21 weeks. In 1990 this song became one of the summer hits all over Europe, for which Verona and her singing group Choclata even received a gold record. In fact, the success was so great that Verona was able to tour the world for a full 3 years.

Miss Germany

Verona Pooth net worth
Verona also contributed to its increasing popularity with beauty contests. As Miss Hamburg she was allowed to participate in the Miss Germany Company election and came in second. In 1993 she was again Miss Hamburg and then even Miss Germany so that from then on she was allowed to represent Germany in international beauty competitions and as the beauty queen of this country. In 1993 the beautiful woman from Hamburg was voted Miss Intercontinental World and in 1995 Miss American Dream.

Television shows

The multiple crowned beauty queen worked for the TV station RTL 2 from 1996 to 1999 and moderated “Peep!“During the same period, she married Dieter Bohlen for a short time. This only lasted four weeks, although the divorce was a few months in coming. Although the couple had reconciled in the meantime, Verona Dieter Bohlen couldn’t forgive the fact that he had beaten her. But professionally, things continued to go well for her. After leaving “Peep!” Verona then received a new TV show on RTL, which was broadcast as a late-night format from 1998 to 2000 and “Verona’s world” was called. Further television appearances followed. Verona was also seen in some film productions from 1998 to 2005, with “Heirate mir” definitely counting among her greatest successes on the big screen.

Verona Pooth as a successful entrepreneur

As early as 1990, the multi-talented Pooth appeared as an entrepreneur and opened a fashion boutique with a school friend. From 2002 to 2004 jewelry and lingerie were the brand Verona’s Dreams available from Karstadt and Otto-Versand. In 2007 Verona Pooth launched its own cosmetics collection. The cosmetics line is still available from the teleshopping broadcaster HSE24. Verona has not only become a popular advertising star because of its collaboration with Iglo and “Blubb”. From Maxfield to Schauma, many large companies have vied for the clever entrepreneur, who has opened up numerous sources of income for herself and thus earned a proud million dollar fortune.

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