Best Stag Do Places in Europe for a Weekend

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A stag do is a memorable night for many people, it’s not just a go-out-with-friends thing, it’s a tradition that says goodbye to a lifestyle and welcomes a new one. Stag do are not new, they date back years and there’s no better place to do it than Europe. A continent bursting with diverse cultures, history, and interesting architecture. It offers the perfect backdrop for the ultimate experience.

Imagine a weekend where the days are packed with incredible activities and the nights are alive with parties, that’s what is waiting for you and your friends in Europe’s top stag destinations.

From the shiny beaches of Spain to the historical bars in Prague, each of these countries represents a unique blend of entertainment, activities, and environment. Whether you are looking for a party, adventure, or relaxation, Europe has it all.

The Best Stag Do Countries in Europe

Czech Republic

Let’s be real, Parties and booze are everywhere but if you’re going to do it, do it right and the best place for that is The Czech Republic. A land that’s not only well known for its interesting history but also for its beer and historic pubs.

Prague’s Historic Pubs

One of the best options is a stag do weekend in Prague, it’s one of the most popular places in the country and it will be packed with a wide range of adventures.

Prague is the capital city and it’s known for its medieval architecture and bars that date years back. The old Town with its cobbled streets can be a labyrinth of fun that leads to some of the oldest breweries in the world.

The perfect place to taste traditional Czech beers and immerse yourself in the local culture.


On the other hand, you can visit Brno, it’s the second largest city in the country and has a lot to offer like Prague but different. It’s well known for its modern approach that attracts students, so you can expect a lot of activities and a nice nightlife here.

A must try are the adventure sports, from go-karting to paintball, Brno allows you to have a different stag do.


If you want a beach, an almost traditional experience, the best option is Spain. On one side it’s a country well known for its fiestas, and sunny beaches and on the other side, it’s well known for its history and unique architecture.

When it comes to stag do, Spain is a good option for anyone looking to experience beaches and water activities, as well as cultural activities.


Head to the cosmopolitan capital of the Catalonia region, Barcelona, highly popular for its art, architecture, and coast as well as for its dynamic nightlife.

Visit the Gothic Quarter during the day and enjoy the city’s beach clubs during the night, with its seaside charm you’ll have a blast, meet people, have a drink, and enjoy the local food.

On the other hand, you can visit La Rambla, which offers a bustling promenade of excitement and entertainment.


Madrid, while away from the coast, offers a more cultural approach. Packed with elegant boulevards and manicured parks the city offers a different charm for stag do, but when the sun sets, this cultural approach transforms into an interesting rhythm of bars and nightclubs.

From trying local wines to dancing in underground clubs, Madrid offers a nice twist.


Right next to Spain is Portugal, an interesting country that has it all, from coast and beach towns to modern cities with a romantic vibe to it. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation or nightlife, some shore Portugal landscapes are some of the best in the continent.

When it comes to stag do, the country offers a more laid-back yet equally thrilling stag do option.


Lisbon is not only a picturesque hilly and coastal city, it’s also well known as a hub for nightlife, welcoming people from all over the world. Head to Bairro Alto, which is a district packed with bars and parties.

A city that offers a unique cultural experience, is close to the beach and has excellent nightlife.


On the other hand, you have Porto, well known for its stately bridges and world-class wine production. A place where you can do a wine tour, walk around the vineyard, and relax a bit while still enjoying a decent nightlife after dark.

A more refined option for a stag do, but one that’s as unique as the city.


Germany offers a stag do packed with diversity and excitement with its rich history and modern edge. It has cultural and outdoor activities that captivate any traveler, topped with some of the best night spots in Europe.


It all starts in the heart of the nightlife in Germany, Berlin. It’s often said that it’s a city that never sleeps due to its party scene, packed with clubs and bars to suit every musical taste, EVERY! from jazz to disco and techno.

Berlin nightlife will keep dancing for hours, until dawn!


I bet you have heard of Oktoberfest before, by now, almost every country in the world has its own kind of fest like this one. It all happens in Munich! But don’t worry, the city is still perfect for stag do even outside the festival (in case you can’t make it to the festival).

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