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POP interviews: Samantha De Grenet, illness, rebirth, the future

Samantha De Grenet, one of the most beloved faces on the small screen, is a tenacious woman of great character. During our chat, we talked about some experiences that put a strain on her, but above all about her rebirth: here is who she is today, what pain taught her and what she started again from so as not to let herself be bent by the difficult moment she has. went through.

The words of Samantha De Grenet

Samantha, let’s start this chat of ours starting from a not-so-happy page in her life, the disease that struck her long ago and against which she fought. At one point, he felt the need to tell it to the general public.

I am a woman who tends to tell beautiful experiences or events in life and to hide, out of modesty or confidentiality, the ugliest ones. When difficulties arise, I try to solve them without feeling too sorry for myself before talking about them. D.When I got sick I thought and thought many times if it was right to talk about it, share my experience with those who followed me, but I had to be sure I was ready, I had to be sure not to be misunderstood and above all the message I wanted to arrive had to be of strength and hope. Everything has its time and I had to wait for mine. When I felt ready I talked about it with the only desire to be close to people, and to women who had lived or were experiencing the same drama as me. I wanted them to know that they weren’t alone and that united we would be stronger because talking to those who have been through it is quite another thing. For me, the message of the importance of prevention was fundamental because an early diagnosis can save your life. As soon as I talked about it, I felt relieved of a great burden, as if I had completed my journey, and happy because I was contacted by many women who thanked me.

How has her life changed after what happened to her?

I have always been a person tied to affections, family and friends and this experience has done nothing but make me understand even more that having someone close to you who loves you is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Do you also believe that there are still too many hesitations to talk about certain topics? It almost seems that pain is something to be ashamed of, to keep to oneself.

As I told you, I have had the opportunity to deal with many warriors, we are called that we who fight against the monster, and one of the first things they tell, wrongly, is being ashamed of confiding in each other. You can’t be ashamed of getting sick!

Social and hater: when she talked about her illness, thousands showed solidarity with her, but someone had to complain. In this situation, but – more generally – since social networks have existed, how does it behave towards its haters?

Fortunately 99% of the people who follow me and who for me are distant friends and not followers, are polite, nice, respectable and use social media to exchange opinions in a civilized way, of that other 1% I don’t care, I’m sorry for them because evidently their life is not peaceful and they comment for themselves for what they write.

Let’s turn the page, tell us about the project Beyounatural?

The Be You bars were born from a chat with my brother Fabio: on the one hand there was me who, as a mother, also wanted for the youngest a product that was healthy, good and well balanced and that would replace those junk foods that guys use to eat after sport or as a snack during the day, perhaps in a break from studying, and on the other hand there was my brother, who has always been super sports, who wanted specific products for each type of training. We worked hard and with passion, we received compliments from many sports nutritionists for the type of product we were able to offer and this has rewarded us for the effort that obviously exists behind an important project. Unfortunately the health emergency prevented us, for personal ethics, from launching the product, but we could not even throw everything away and so we thought with what we were able to sell by word of mouth in the months of April and May to donate everything to doctors. and the nurses of Spallanzani in Rome.

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Dear friends, in recent months I have worked with passion and love on a project that concerns sport and health and I was ready to let you know with all my usual enthusiasm, but the drama of this period forced me, together with the company Be You , to another choice. It didn’t seem right to start advertising our product with cheerful, carefree photos full of energy and positivity when the problems that affect each of us are very serious. We therefore thought, from today until the end of April, to donate all the useful Be You to the Spallanzani Hospital in Rome. Go to the website and you will find the most suitable product for you. Ps Know that the BeYou Natural line has also been designed for the little ones for their snacks, as a hunger breaker and to prevent them from eating the famous junk foods after sport. @beyounaturalofficial Ph. @@ gianlucasarago Make-up @ariannafares_makeupartist #beyounatural #beyouperlospallanzani # toghether weopiùforti #iorestoacasa #distantimavicini #new adventure #saluteebenessere #barrette #beyou

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What we are experiencing is, undeniably, a very special, almost surreal moment. How are you spending these days?

Even if we are now closed in our homes for two months and the silence of the cities is deafening some days it still seems to me to live in a film. I can’t believe how everyone’s life has changed. Having said that, time at home eventually passes quickly: we cook together, we study, we pulled out old board games, we do some gymnastics, we watch films and TV series, but above all we enjoy this as much as possible. time that somehow was given to us and that the hectic everyday life had perhaps taken away from us.

What would she have done during this time if she hadn’t been forced to stay at home?

If I hadn’t been home, I would certainly have worked and spent time with friends and family that I haven’t seen in over two months.

Since we want to send a message of strength and we would like this interview to be marked by positivity, we ask you: what good has this quarantine taught you?

When you experience a tragedy like this that has involved the whole world and where many people have died, many others have fallen ill and where the majority of people have aggravated their economic conditions, it is difficult to think about what good this total closure could have brought about. . But I made a reflection: how bad are we with our planet? How much more do we have to exploit it for our selfishness? How many images of animals that reclaim the territory have we seen and that have moved us? And then the climate? The sky, the air, the sun? How different are they today?

She is the mother of the “little” Brando, who is in full adolescence. What does it mean, concretely, to be the mother of a boy of that age?

Small so to speak! At just 14 years old he is 1.82 tall! (laughs, editor’s note) Aside from that, being Brando’s mom is an ongoing wonderful adventure. Since he was very young he has been used to talking, confiding and comparing each other and therefore the bulk of the work has been done and today the fruits are reaped. He is a good boy, of great sensitivity, loves being with the family and is a friend like his dad.

We do not hide the fact that we like to do the business of our artists: we know that for many years now, she has been married to Luca Barbato. After a long time apart, you got back together and remarried. Is there a secret to keeping a love alive after so many years?

I don’t think there is a secret… but I only tell you one thing: you only come back from what you really love.

We know that it is not elegant to emphasize the age of a lady, but hers is splendidly carried, so we allow ourselves to ask her what are her beauty secrets: how does she, a few months after her fifties, prove over ten Less? Confess it to us, you made a deal with the devil!

In the meantime, thanks, ten years younger? Not bad, wow! (smiles, ed) Let’s say that basically I’m lucky and then I learned to take care of myself before it got too late. For about ten years I have been using good skin products, I do some physical activity, I eat well, even if not always because I am greedy, and I do some non-invasive beauty treatments from dr. Alberto Armellini, plastic surgeon, like vitamin pricks, anti-aging and hyaluronic in fine lines of expression.

We conclude like this: our magazine is called Digital Global Times and, for us, the term POP represents something beautiful, exciting, captivating. What is POP for you at this moment in your life?

For me POP is energy, passion, love, joy, enthusiasm, family, friends, light… it is life!

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