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POP Interviews: Who is Isabella Talone, the faceless influencer

Isabella Talone, on Instagram, is Isamuko! Who is it? Simple: an artist who communicates through her photos. Indeed, it is appropriate to say that his shots are alive! Isamuko’s distinctive feature? Elegance. Don’t you know it yet? We from Digital Global Times we interviewed her for you. Discover the world of Isamuko!

Looking at your profile, you immediately realize your taste and your elegance; although they all have a great visual impact, you associate the posts with a caption that expresses your mood regarding that precise shot. Do you find this interpretation correct?

Thanks first of all for the compliments. Yes, your interpretation is correct. Everything I shoot is the result of what I feel and experience, of my state of mind, and I like to share it not only with an image, but also with words. A sort of fil rouge that binds my works. I try to give voice to the images.

We have noticed that many of your shots portray everyday scenes; a Rome awake and ready to start the day, New York at the height of its life and its colors; but also folklore and subjects intent on common actions. In a world like today’s, where we want everything to arrive immediately, do you like the idea that a photo can tell so much, even if it doesn’t actually say anything?

I’ve always believed that photography should tell, that’s why I love doing street photography. Capturing moments of real life not artificial, telling the life of every day, the one without the glossy sequins of social media, this is what I would like my photos to transmit.

Your numbers on Instagram speak for themselves: you are very popular! How did this experience start and what did it lead to you?

It started by chance, from a bet I made with my ex. I was completely out of the social world, I only used Whatsapp, for me Facebook and Instagram did not exist. Then, one day, for reasons that I am not going to explain to you, I would bore you, I challenged my ex boyfriend, I opened my Instagram profile, the photos worked immediately, they liked them and after a year I found myself having 40 thousand followers . Challenge won, but honestly, between us, I never expected it. From there I said to myself “Why stop?” and so Isamuko became the profile you see today. I am not a photographer (in life I am a fashion designer and that is my job) and all this involvement left me pleasantly impressed, it led me to discover a side of myself that I kept hidden. The passion of the story that becomes photography.

We recently interviewed your friend and collaborator Fabrizio Politi – aka Mister Unique Life. Would you like to explain to us what your project represents for you and where you hope it will take you one day?

Nafi (Not Another Fucking Influencer) is a container that collects the passions that Fabrizio and I have in common. Travel, good food and unusual places. We are two people who have common passions and tell them in a blog that one day we hope will become a reference point for people who get tired of always seeing the same things, in the same places. We try to discover the world with a different look from the conventional one and we share it in this that one day we hope will become a large container, a sort of mini guide where you can get ideas for your travels.

We know little about you and in full POP style we would like to get to know the real Isabella better. Three things you can’t give up?

Walking barefoot (if it were for me shoes wouldn’t exist, even if I have two full wardrobes), American-style chicken wings, traveling.

Today Instagram is a real showcase. A nice place makes you want to go out, a nice dish to eat well and obviously a nice face brings many likes. In your profile you appear little and always from behind, leaving only a few details about yourself to be deduced. Is this a deliberate choice or something that has come over time, perhaps a kind of signature?

By now, yes, it is a sort of signature, but not wanted or studied at the table. I just always thought that the kind of photography I enjoyed sharing didn’t need me to be strong. If a job is well done, right angle, studied colors, balanced atmosphere, in short, if a photo tells, it doesn’t need my big face in plain sight to be appreciated. I have never been self-centered in the sense of direct exposure, I have never felt the need to be at the center. I am pleased to have consent, of course, but I tie it more to the product I share and not to my face.

If you were a city, which one would you be?

I would be New York. New York is shy, demanding, attractive and exhausting if you can’t handle it, if you don’t follow it, it exhausts you and lets you go, it hugs you tightly until you choke, but you have to know how to stay on top of it. I am like this … I love her for this I am demanding like her. I give a lot and I demand a lot.

We also asked Fabrizio which, in his opinion, are the themes that recur most often on Instagram. Trivially we would say food, cats, glimpses and selfies. Do you think this is also the case?

Surely it is or it was until recently, but I believe that today Instagram is having an evolution. I think people are tired of the crap or at least of seeing the usual contents related to the topics you mentioned. Surely he is always looking for lightness, we are still talking about a social network, but he tends to follow more and more people who create quality content, who give suggestions different from the everyday life they live; people you can really trust, which is why the stories are becoming more and more popular, because they tell the story of a person’s life and trust them because they become part of your daily life.

How much does your social life influence your daily life?

I am not a person who, from morning to night, just to say something and make stories, invents fried air. I use the medium when I really have something to say. I don’t think people who follow me are really interested in knowing how many times a day I go shopping, what time I wake up or see my big face at all times. Maybe he is more interested in a suggestion on a nice place I tried rather than a museum I visited, or a vintage shop I found. When I have this information, I have the pleasure of sharing it, otherwise I prefer not to say anything. I don’t feel like a “teacher” who has to teach life, I don’t feel I have to always be hyper-connected for fear of losing consensus, I tell when I have something to say. So let’s say that, yes, it affects my daily life but it doesn’t invade it.

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For us at Digital Global Times, the meaning POP represents something attractive, captivating, trendy. What is POP for you?

For me pop is color, immediacy, initiative and absurd at the same time, it is stimulating in creation. That something with an extra gear that becomes within everyone’s reach.

Below we leave you some other shots of Isamuko:

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