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Prince Marcus of Anhalt Fortune

How much money does Prince Marcus von Anhalt have?

Prince Marcus von Anhalt is an extremely colorful person, who always ensures new reports with his provocative remarks and parties. The pure fortune of Prince Marcus von Anhalt is very difficult to assess. The adopted prince often speaks of spending in the millions and extremely expensive events and sports cars. However, the exact income and assets are hardly mentioned. We calculate that on the basis of previous activities Prince Marcus von Anhalt’s fortune at 120 million euros, whereby this can also be significantly higher. In 2021 he can be seen at the SAT1 entertainment show “Celebrities under Palms” alongside Willi Herren, among others.

Prince Marcus of Anhalt Fortune
Prince Marcus Eberhard Edward von Anhalt, Duke of Saxony and Westphalia, Count of Ascania, became born to wealthy parents. The business of his parents’ jewelers went bankrupt at the age of twelve, so that the initial life in luxury had to give way quickly. Nevertheless, Prince Marcus von Anhalt realized early on in life that you can achieve many things with honest and, above all, hard work. As a result, he got himself numerous jobs at the age of only 13 and did them at the same time in order to be able to earn as much money as possible. He began an apprenticeship as a butcher and recognized his entrepreneurial skills when he led the entire cleaning team at the slaughterhouse. Thus, Prince Marcus von Anhalt earned a high income early on, which is above the average for people of the same age.

Prince Marcus possessions

  • 40 luxury cars
  • Los Angeles property
  • Houses in Fort Lauderdale, St. Gallen, Pforzheim, Dubai, Monaco

How rich is Prince Marcus von Anhalt?

The income of Prince Marcus von Anhalt
After his apprenticeship as a butcher, Prince Marcus von Anhalt learned to cook. He opened his first bistro when he was only 19. Here he was able to make his first contacts with entrepreneurs from the construction industry. Marcus Eberhard soon decided to found his own construction company. He immediately completed projects in this area with his 20 employees and also increased his commitment in the catering industry through further openings and countless events. After a visit to the USA, he set up a table dance club in Germany. He immediately landed a great success, which was followed by many more restaurants. But he also expanded in the red light area. The wealthy Prince Marcus von Anhalt bought brothels and continued to run them very profitably.

From then on he became a multimillionaire and made sure of that with many partiesthat his status in public could be increased. The first contacts to the celebrities, stars and starlets were made with the first gigantic fortune. In the meantime, his club chain Pure Platinum has been expanded internationally, which in turn washed several million euros into Prince Marcus von Anhalt’s coffers. The prince also has known friends, for example he gets along very well with Bill Clinton. But Heidi Klum and Pamela Anderson are also among his friends.

Adoption by Prince Frederic

In 2005, Marcus Eberhardt was from Prince Frederic adopted. From then on he received the title of Prince Marcus Eberhard Edward von Anhalt, Duke of Saxony and Westphalia, Count of Ascania. This is said to have cost the future prince several million euros. With the attention this title garnered, numerous media outlets knocked on the prince’s door and produced reports. Marcus Eberhardt also states that the American It girl Paris Hilton is his adoptive niece. Zsa Zsa Gabor, Wife of Prince Frederic, was married to her grandfather. On the Facebook social network, the prince alone can look forward to more than 4 million “Like” clicks. It is precisely in this way that Prince Marcus von Anhalt reaches a lot of fans. There he reports on his luxurious fortune in the form of reports, pictures and current videos.

Jail for tax evasion

Prince Marcus von Anhalt was imprisoned for two years because of alleged tax evasion similar to that of Uli Hoeneß. The arrest was a pure coincidence as the alarm in his villa was accidentally triggered at 3:00 am. When the officers who had arrived found that everything was in order, they drove back to the station. There they found out that there was an arrest warrant and they kindly picked the VIP up at his villa. He is said to have evaded taxes in the amount of 800,000 euros and, among other things, have written off Ferraris for tax purposes. After 2 years in prison, the Protz-Prinz was released again in early 2016. But he is also said to have lived in the Augsburg prison like a prince, because the exclusive meal that he ordered cost him around EUR 1,000 a month.

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