Pros and Cons of Living in Glen Ellyn, Il

Glen Ellyn, nestled in the heart of DuPage County, stands as a beacon for those in search of a suburban haven with a touch of urban sophistication. With its rich history, tree-lined streets, and welcoming community, it’s no wonder that the appeal of living in Glen Ellyn is continually on the rise. This picturesque village offers a blend of old-world charm and modern amenities, making it a perfect destination for individuals and families alike.

The allure of living in Glen Ellyn is evident in the tales of those who have found their perfect home in this village. They often highlight the community’s blend of tranquility and vibrancy. Here, residents can enjoy peaceful mornings by Lake Ellyn, followed by bustling afternoons shopping at the local boutiques or partaking in community events. 

However, as with any place, living in Glen Ellyn has its share of advantages and challenges. To truly appreciate what this village offers, one needs to delve deeper into its pros and cons. Using recent data and insights from long-term residents, this article aims to provide a comprehensive view of life in this beloved village.

Pros of Living in Glen Ellyn

Quality of Education

When discussing the pros and cons of living in Glen Ellyn, the quality of education often stands out. Glen Ellyn schools have consistently ranked among the top in the state. The dedication to fostering a solid educational foundation is evident, with schools here achieving above-average test scores. Additionally, community programs and extracurricular activities enhance the learning experience, allowing students to thrive both academically and socially.

Picturesque Scenery and Parks  

Living in Glen Ellyn feels like having a front-row seat to nature’s theater. Lake Ellyn Park, a focal point of the town, offers not just scenic beauty but a range of activities. Residents often find solace in the vast green spaces, and the changing seasons only amplify the town’s allure. It’s not uncommon to find locals picnicking, kayaking, or just enjoying a serene walk, appreciating the beauty that living in Glen Ellyn offers.

Low Crime Rate

Safety, a priority for many, is another pro of living in Glen Ellyn. The crime rate here is significantly lower than the national average, and this can be attributed to the active community involvement and efficient local law enforcement. Families, especially, find this reassuring, knowing that the environment they’re raising their children in is secure and nurturing.

Strong Community Bond 

Glen Ellyn is characterized by its tight-knit community. Events, be it festive celebrations or town hall meetings, are well-attended, showcasing the camaraderie among residents. Many people have noticed the warm welcome they receive when moving to the area, making the transition smoother. Many use a moving company in Glen Ellyn to make their shift seamless, given the growing love for the community here.

Accessibility and Transportation 

Proximity to Chicago, coupled with efficient transportation options, makes Glen Ellyn strategically located. The Metra train system, in particular, is a favorite among residents, allowing for an easy commute to the city. The integration of various transportation modes means that even without a car, moving around and living in Glen Ellyn remains convenient.

Cultural and Recreational Activities

Living in Glen Ellyn is not just about the tranquility. The town offers a plethora of cultural activities, from art shows to theater productions. The local library and community centers also host events, ensuring that residents have ample avenues for entertainment and learning. Sports enthusiasts aren’t left out either, with numerous recreational facilities catering to various interests.

Economic Stability 

Financial stability and growth potential are crucial considerations, and living in Glen Ellyn checks these boxes. The town boasts a low unemployment rate, and the median household income is above the national average. This economic stability, complemented by a range of local businesses and services, ensures residents enjoy a high standard of living.

Cons of Living in Glen Ellyn

Cost of Living

One of the main considerations for anyone thinking about relocating is undoubtedly the cost of living, and in Glen Ellyn, this factor can be a tad bit on the higher side. Housing often stands out as a significant expenditure, with property prices consistently trending above national averages. While the village offers premium amenities, some argue that the housing market is somewhat inflated, making it a challenge for first-time homebuyers or those on a tight budget.

Yet, it’s not just housing that adds to the cost. Day-to-day expenses, such as groceries, utilities, and transportation, can also pile up. These living expenses, when combined with the cost of leisure activities, entertainment, and dining out, can make the cost of living in Glen Ellyn seem daunting to some. However, many residents rationalize these costs by pointing to the superior quality of life and the amenities available.

Weather and Climate

While Glen Ellyn showcases the beauty of all four seasons, its weather is a double-edged sword. Winters, in particular, can be harsh, with snowfall often leading to disruptions in daily routines. Icy roads and below-freezing temperatures can be challenging for those not acclimated to such conditions. Some residents often find themselves longing for warmer days during these chilly months.

On the flip side, summers can be humid and, at times, a bit overwhelming. While places like Lake Ellyn provide a respite from the heat, the occasional heatwave does lead to increased energy bills, as residents crank up their air conditioning. When considering the pros and cons of living in Glen Ellyn, the unpredictability of weather is certainly a factor worth mulling over.

Limited Nightlife

For young adults or those who cherish a vibrant nightlife, Glen Ellyn might seem a touch quiet. The village does have a range of dining options, from cozy cafes to elegant restaurants, but post-dusk activities are noticeably limited. Those seeking lively bars, clubs, or late-night entertainment might find themselves traveling to nearby cities or Chicago itself.

However, this limited nightlife also ensures a quieter, more peaceful environment. Families and older residents often appreciate this calmness, favoring a serene night in or a quiet walk around the neighborhood over the hustle and bustle of a lively nightlife scene. It’s essential to consider personal preferences when evaluating the nightlife aspect of living in Glen Ellyn.

Traffic and Commute

Proximity to Chicago and other employment hubs makes Glen Ellyn a sought-after location. However, this desirability comes with its challenges, notably the daily commute. Peak hours, especially in the mornings and late afternoons, can see roads congested, leading to longer travel times. For those working in Chicago, relying on the Metra train system can sometimes be a faster option, but even that can get crowded.

Another point of contention is the limited parking spaces in the downtown area. As Glen Ellyn grows in popularity and sees an influx of both residents and visitors, parking becomes a bit of a puzzle, especially during events or weekends. This growth in vehicular traffic is a clear testament to Glen Ellyn’s appeal but does present logistical challenges for its residents.

Property Taxes

Illinois is often cited for its relatively high property taxes, and Glen Ellyn is no exception. Homeowners here often find themselves budgeting a substantial amount towards these taxes. While residents enjoy well-maintained public spaces, good schools, and other amenities, these come at a cost funded by property taxes. It’s a consistent point of discussion among both potential buyers and long-term residents.

However, it’s essential to note that these taxes contribute to the village’s overall development and upkeep. They play a role in ensuring that Glen Ellyn remains a sought-after destination with excellent public services. Still, for those on the fence about buying property, the property taxes are a factor that can’t be overlooked when considering living in Glen Ellyn.

Population Density  

Glen Ellyn’s charm and appeal have, over the years, led to a steady increase in its population. While this growth showcases the village’s desirability, it also brings about challenges related to population density. Public places, parks, and recreational facilities sometimes see a surge in visitors, especially during weekends and holidays, leading to crowded situations.

Moreover, this growth has led to an increase in housing developments, with more properties being built to accommodate the rising number of residents. This denser living situation can sometimes strain local resources and infrastructures. While the town administrators are proactive in managing this growth, it’s a factor that new residents should be aware of when weighing the pros and cons of living in Glen Ellyn.


The pros and cons of living in Glen Ellyn present a mixed bag. While the town offers undeniable charm, excellent education, and a sense of community, challenges like the cost of living in Glen Ellyn and property taxes can’t be ignored. Ultimately, whether Glen Ellyn is your ideal home boils down to personal priorities and preferences.

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