Ready to play? Console Gaming Essentials You Need

Console gaming is a little different from PC gaming. First, playing on a games console is more comfortable and casual, as you’re less likely to be playing at a desk.

However, just like a PC gamer needs a sensitive gaming mouse, console gamers have their own set of essentials they need for the best gaming experience.

Charging stations

If you’re using a wireless controller, there’s nothing worse than your game being cut short due to low battery. Make sure to have your controller charging station at a reachable distance so that if the worst does happen, you can quickly grab a second controller and get back to your game. Alternatively, always keep your charging cables to hand so that you can connect them without missing out.

Charging stations are definitely essential, as you could spend a fortune on battery packs otherwise.

Comfy seating

Admit it; you’ve ended up with an aching neck or back while gaming in the past. Most people sit forward on the sofa or the end of the bed while in the gaming zone, but this does nothing to support your body.

A gaming bean bag chair, on the other hand, is comfortable and supportive. You can sit back and still be close enough to the TV to feel like you’re in the midst of the action.

Noise-canceling headphones

If you’re one to shout and rage at the TV while battling it out with friends, headphones might just keep you a little quieter…

Noise-canceling headphones are the ultimate accessory for gamers that play against others online. You often need to be able to hear what other players are saying, and the background noise in your house might make that a little difficult. On the other hand, you also don’t want to lose your streak by being distracted by a random noise.

Decent internet

Most games these days have some online connection – especially if you want to play with others. That means you’ll definitely need a good, strong, and reliable internet connection. However, even if your internet drops out, the game must go on. Meaning when you’re finally reconnected, you’ll realize you’ve either lost your place or lost a game entirely. If you’re not the bill payer but want to choose a better internet speed, it might be worth offering to contribute to the price of a more expensive package.

A smart speaker

If you want to be cheeky, a smart speaker would be another great investment for your gaming experience. Not only can you command your music to stop and start (depending on how intense your game is), but you can also search for cheat codes or tips across the web without pausing your game.

So, with the right headgear, a supportive seat, and some extra gadgets for the fun of it, you’re fully prepped to have the ultimate gaming set up. Of course, it’s always good to be prepared as you want to utilize your free time as best as you can, rather than spending half your time setting up or charging your controllers.

Happy gaming!

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