Reasons Why You Need a Screen Extender for Your Laptop

With a laptop, you can work from anywhere without being restricted to a power outlet. One display is sacrificed for this, which can reduce productivity if you need more space or funds for a multi-monitor setup. A laptop screen extender can assist you with this issue.

A laptop screen extender attaches to the lid of your laptop and increases the size of your screen by one or more displays. While some models go all out and include a monitor on each side for optimum space use, others add a single display to the left or right of your laptop’s built-in monitor.

These monitors show up to the operating system like any other, whether you use a Windows laptop or a MacBook. This expands your main display by adding one or two external monitors on either side of your laptop. This also helps you with tasks like assigning apps, setting distinctive wallpapers, and adjusting them appropriately.

Reasons Why You Need a Screen Extender

Having a screen extender is one of the several things that can help increase performance. It allows for the display of multiple pages and more extraordinary screen real estate. The productivity of learning apps, office work, graphic manipulation, and many other forms of work can increase with this configuration. 

Having a screen extender in front of you would distract you from work more than having only one. The exact opposite, though, is true. With a Trio screen extender for laptop from Mobile Pixels, you can view everything at once without disrupting your workflow, and you can stop switching between tabs while you are working. Following are some more significant reasons why you desperately need a screen extender for your laptop:

Simpler Usage

Given their numerous benefits, dual monitors are incredibly simple to utilize. Most desktop and laptop PCs and laptops handle multiple monitors and don’t need any extra software to set them up. Anyone already using a computer may quickly get used to having an additional screen. 

Dragging a window or application from one screen to the next is all it takes to move it from one monitor to another. After initial setup, the computer will know which apps you want to launch on each monitor because most software often remembers which monitor you use them on.

Organized Desktop

With a screen extender, your desktop effectively increases in size, which helps clear up space on your screen. If you have pinned a lot of programs and documents to the desktop, you can free up a portion of the area they occupy by shifting some of them to the second screen. The extra space makes it simpler to maintain organization.

Compatibility With Other Devices

Screen extenders have the most significant benefit of being suitable for laptops and even portable electronics. The comparatively small screens on laptops make working on them more difficult. But when you attach a screen extender, your workspace doubles. For an even better experience, you can use a docking station to cast your phone’s screen onto a screen extender while working from your mobile device.

Easier Data Sharing

These days, we rarely work only with one program open, yet we frequently need more options to watch many programs simultaneously. Using a screen extender to display content allows you to access the information you need without constantly switching between windows if you are dealing with multiple data sources.

Comparing different design iterations, testing across different browsers, financial data, or text revisions are all everyday work activities that call for comparison. Instead of frequently switching between screens, comparing side-by-side using two screens is simpler, faster, and more efficient.

Increased Communication

Collaboration amongst colleagues is now easier than ever, thanks to dual displays. While working on a project on one screen, you can communicate with your colleagues on another. You have much more room to work with the rest of the team when you have a second monitor. 

With a screen extender, communication is more straightforward because you can stay in touch with coworkers, clients, and management without interfering with your work. With your project open on the second screen for team conversations, you can use communication technologies like Zoom, Skype, or Slack.

Qualitative Experience

What happens if you aren’t working? Your gaming experience will be improved and enhanced with dual displays. While playing games, you can easily have a video, song, or chat window open. And if you’re going to live stream, you’ll need a second monitor because it will allow you to talk with spectators without pausing your game.


Adding a screen extender to your laptop automatically increases your work productivity while enhancing your quality in numerous ways. It helps you work simultaneously on multiple tasks and increases your work pace due to multiple functioning at the same time.


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