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Reinhold Messner: fortune of the mountaineer

How much money does Reinhold Messner have?

He looked the yeti and death in the eye: extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner. Still, nothing stopped him from being the first person to climb all fourteen eight-thousanders in the world. Reinhold Messner was born on September 17, 1944 in Brixen, Italy. Many only know him as a mountaineer, but the South Tyrolean is also active as a researcher, museum founder, filmmaker and yak breeder. The cherished Reinhold Messner’s fortune is 30 million euros.

Started down to earth

Reinhold Messner's income
A mountaineer like Reinhold Messner also started a “normal” job. In his case it was the study of land surveying and architecture, and he also worked as an assistant teacher. He was also actively committed to environmental protection and was even elected to the European Parliament for five years for the Greens of South Tyrol. However, he always had one early on clear vision for the future: he wanted to be an adventurer. His father supported him and took Reinhold with him on mountain and climbing tours from childhood.

He went through until 1970 difficult first ascents in the Alps attention to yourself: first ascent of the direct Ortler wall, first ascent of the Heiligkreuzkofel central pillar and the direct south wall of the Marmolada. The first expedition to the Andes followed in 1969, with Peter Habeler, among others.

Beginning of the great mountaineering career in 1970

Reinhold Messner already had the reputation of being one of the best mountaineers in Europe in 1970. That’s why he became one in 1970 Himalayan expedition invited, his brother Günther also took part in this tour. The latter, however, lost his life in the dangerous descent, while Reinhold Messner reached the valley with severe frostbite and lost seven toes in the process. The drama was entitled Nanga Parbat filmed and shown in cinemas as a feature film from 2010.

At first he believed that due to his injuries he would no longer be able to climb in the future and concentrated again on studying. After four months, however, he decided to start as a high-altitude mountaineer. Reinhold gave up his job and studies and broke numerous world records.

Books and lectures finance their livelihood

Reinhold Messner's fortune
Reinhold Messner’s expeditions also had to be financed and so he did what he does best: he put his enthusiasm for adventure into words, writes books and gives lectures. In addition, he was not only active as a mountaineer on expeditions, but also as an organizer. In 1978, after climbing Mount Everest, he earned his first million eurosbecause his books and lectures were in great demand.

With the Acquiring real estate in need of restoration, Messner also made a fortune. In 1983, for example, he paid 60,000 Deutschmarks for Juval Castle; today the castle is worth several million. Messner invested around half a million in the restoration. He also owns three mountain farms, which are now worth many times their purchase price at the time.

Reinhold Messner, the museum’s founder

When mountaineering became routine and the Antarctic and the Gobi desert had also been hiked, Reinhold Messner decided that it was time for something new again. He founded a mountain museum, spread over six locations in South Tyrol and Belluno. The centerpiece is Firmian Castle in Bolzano, which is owned by the Province of South Tyrol. His daughter Magdalena is now the majority shareholder. Reinhold Messner, who had eight siblings himself, has four children and was married twice. He is currently with the Diane Schumacher, 35 years her junior, is in a relationship.

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