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Richard Rawlings: The Entrepreneur’s Fortune

How much money does Richard Rawlings have?

Richard Rawlings was not lucky in love. After all, the marriage with Mrs. Suzanne failed twice. The multi-million dollar entrepreneur, who is known as a media personality above all in the USA, but also in Europe, did not have children. His stepson Sinjin works in the garage. The TV audience was able to get to know the millionaire on the reality TV show “Fast N ‘Loud”, which is broadcast in America by the Discovery Channel and in Germany by DMAX. The cherished Richard Rawlings’ net worth is € 13.5 million

Richard Rawlings and his companies

Richard Rawlings Income
As of 2014, the star of this series was also in TV commercials that have aired across the nation. Richard Rawlings used these spots to advertise not only various financing offers, but above all Dodge vehicles. The following places also make Richard’s cash registers ring:

  • Gas Monkey Garage
  • Gas Monkey Bar N ‘Grill restaurant
  • Gas Monkey Live (music event venues)

Richard, whose middle name is Ray, is known as a sore thumb where he lives in Dallas, Texas. He also started out small. After graduating from Eastern Hills High School, today’s entrepreneur first worked as a firefighter and paramedic. In 1999 he married his second wife Suzanne for the first time. This year he also founded his company called Lincoln Press. This company focused on printed matter and advertising.

Excerpts from the life of the entrepreneur

In 2002 Richard Rawlings founded his second company, the Gas Monkey Garage. This led to the sale of his first company two years later. He put the proceeds of the sale into building the Gas Monkey Garage. The fact that the entrepreneur often went to car shows with his father in his youth certainly made a decisive contribution to the establishment of the second company. As of 2002, the company has been creating cars for customers around the world.

Gas Monkey Garage

Richard Rawlings fortune
As the Discovery Channel put the Gas Monkey Garage in the focus of its own reality TV series from 2012, the company had existed for ten years. The TV viewers liked what they saw. So Richard Rawlings got the chance to own a second format on the Discovery Channel. The “Garage Rehab” series is about other companies that are in the same industry as Richard Rawlings, but are on the verge of failure. 2013 and 2014 were also two extremely successful years for the increasingly wealthy entrepreneur.

During this time Richard was able to open his Gas Monkey Bar N ‘Grill at two locations in the Dallas and Fort Worth region. Nevertheless, the actually so successful entrepreneur has already had to deal with one or the other defeat. His restaurant Richard Rawlings’ Garage did not open until 2016, only to close forever in March 2019. That in July 2019 the fifteenth season of the reality TV show “Fast N ‘Loud” started, but shows that the entrepreneur has not left the road to success entirely. More than 130 episodes of his series have already been broadcast on TV. His fee per episode is correspondingly high, namely 45,000 euros. In Germany, DMAX has grabbed the format.

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