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Rapper Rod Wave has been in the news lately after he was arrested for a traffic stop. The 23-year-old rapper has become increasingly popular since his song “Heart on Ice” broke the Billboard Hot 100 in 2020. But he’s not as famous as some believe. The Florida native was arrested on a warrant out of Osceola County. It’s unclear what prompted the arrest or whether he’s currently in jail, but his attorney hasn’t listed his record in the courthouse.

Death Rumors

The rumours started on social media, with Facebook posts claiming that he had been shot. Twitter users then predicted that he would die on November 23, but when the day came, he was still alive. The speculation was further fuelled by conspiracy theorists who attributed the death to a reoccurring pattern of letters and numbers, which correlate to the number of days left in the year. This theory is based on gematria, a system that pairs letters with numbers to make them correspond with certain events.

Fake News

The first time the fake news was released, fans reacted with shock and anger. However, many fans believed that the rumors were true and were upset with the alleged death of the rap artist. The fake news spread faster than the actual news. As a result, fans expressed their disbelief and grief when they learned that Rod Wave wasn’t in a grave. Sadly, death hoaxes are common, and Rod Wave didn’t have any major disease.

Early Struggles 

The artist’s mother struggled to make ends meet, so Rod often had to work on the streets to earn money. He was arrested two times due to these activities. However, after a family member stepped forward to buy him a computer and microphone, he turned to music full time. He began making mixtapes and gained a lot of local attention. It was through these mixtapes that he gained confidence and became successful.

YouTube Channel With Million Of Subscribers 

Rod Wave’s YouTube channel has millions of subscribers and views, earning him over $300,000. The rising rapper has turned his father’s gift into a million-dollar career. He has a heartwarming voice and has been known for his heartfelt lyrics. His net worth is estimated to grow to $3 million by 2022. While there is no definitive evidence to confirm whether he’s still alive, his fan base has grown exponentially. In just two years, the rapper has managed to make it in the music industry.

Famous Personality

Rapper Rod Wave has a strong voice and has successfully blended hip hop and R&B in his music. He has released many hit songs since he first came to prominence. The rapper has received several awards and nominations for his work. However, rumors of his death are starting to circulate after his arrest last Sunday night in Florida. His death is a tragic loss for all fans. If he’s indeed dead, it’s unclear whether he’s really deceased.

He is Alive and Fine

There’s no official confirmation that Rod Wave has died, but Twitter is famous for celebrity death rumours. Twitter started spreading rumors that the singer was dead in November 2020. Some users even used gematria, a Jewish form of numerology, to predict his death. But after a thorough investigation, the rumors were quickly disproved. Whether Rod Wave died or not remains to be seen. If so, it will certainly be a shock for fans of the singer.


The singer was also known for her popular single “Cold December.” Her debut album peaked at number 10 on the Billboard 200, and her sophomore album reached number two. Although it’s unclear why the singer died, her music has been a constant source of motivation for fans and artists alike. While her fans were grieving, her work has inspired them to express their love and prayers for the late singer. In the wake of the tragic events, fans expressed their sympathy and condolences via social networking sites.

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