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Ronaldinho: fortune of the ex-professional footballer

How rich is Ronaldinho?

Ronaldinho (real: Ronaldo de Assis Moreira) was born on March 21, 1980 in Porto Alegre (Brazil). Ronaldinho was a former soccer star and also became world champion by winning with the Brazilian national team in 2002. He was also the winner of the Champions League with FC Barcelona and twice Spanish champion. In 2004 and 2005 he became world Footballer of the Year elected and in 2005 again Europe’s footballer of the year. He ended his football career independently in 2018. In 2018 he also married his two friends Priscilla and Beatriz, to whom he pays pocket money of 1700 euros per month. The cherished Ronaldinho’s net worth is 8 million euros.

Ronaldinho’s career

Income from Ronaldinho

At the beginning he was part of the club in his hometown in Brazil. His older brother Roberto Assis made it relatively easy for him to join FC Sion, where his brother was already under contract. From 1993 to 1994 Ronaldinho also completed a language stay there. During that time he already played for the U14 of FC Sion. Only three years later there was already a professional contract from his youth club Gremio Porto Alegre – he played from now on in the first Brazilian league.

Four years later, in 2001, he moved to France to Paris Saint-Germain. In his first season (until 2002) he managed numerous league goals. Among other things, he received the jersey number 21, which was previously worn by Okocha and Anelka. That should definitely be seen as an appreciation.

In the second season he did not manage to fully meet the high expectations. However, the double on matchday 12 against league rivals Olympique Marseille in October 2002 was remarkable. Overall, the season was rather disappointing, which is why Ronaldinho announced that he would like to leave the club.

From the 2003/2004 season, Ronaldinho was part of FC Barcelona. The transfer fee at the time was 30 million euros. Here the player scored 15 goals in 32 league games. In his next season he scored nine goals in 35 games and became Spanish champions for the first time with FC Barcelona. In the same year (late 2004) he was declared World Footballer of the Year.

He gradually changed the club, so he came to AC Milan from August 2008, later he changed the club several times, including Atlético Mineiro and Fluminense Rio de Janeiro. In 2016 he even moved to the Indian league. In 2018 he finally ended his career.

Income from his stage name

Merit of Ronaldinho

With Ronaldinho he has created an international brandwhich was in great demand. Within the series of the soccer game FIFA, Ronaldinho made it onto the cover for the UK version and DE version five times. As a result, players often receive high six-figure amounts – sometimes even millions.

There was also a contract with Coca Cola, but this was terminated in 2012. The reason for this was that he had several cans of Pepsi on his podium during a press conference. This advertising contract would have brought Ronaldinho again millions of euros. A financial loss that will have an impact later.

In 2018, Ronaldinho announced that he would be the right-wing Brazilian politician Jair Bolsonaro will support. This caused a stir with misogynistic, racist and homophobic statements.

Ronaldinho’s salary

Over the years as a professional footballer, Ronaldinho earned record salaries. In 2006 he had an annual salary of around 23 million euros. His fortune has now even reached 78 million euros. The salary resulted from the activity as a professional footballer at FC Barcelona and through advertising contracts.

Meanwhile, Ronaldinho is said to have big money problems. At the end of 2018 there was news that the former world footballer only had six euros in his account. His money problems were so acute that he even had to surrender his passport. He owed the state of Brazil a fine of two million euros for building sugar mills with his brother in 2015 – illegally and in a nature reserve. During an investigation, the authorities noticed that he only had 25 reais (converted: six euros) in his account. Nevertheless, he is not entirely broke, as he owns several properties around the globe, including a luxury villa in Barra de Tijuca (Rio de Janeiro) valued at around 10.5 million euros. There are also several sports cars.

His fan base is also huge and the former footballer has around 52 million followers on Instagram. Reportedly, he earns up to $ 250,000 for a sponsored Insta post. With that he could get back on his feet quickly.

Arrest and detention in Paraguay 2020

In March 2020, Ronaldinho traveled to Paraguay with his brother to do the promotion of his new book, but with forged passports. The authorities immediately locked the brothers in prison. The former superstar celebrated his 40th birthday in jail. After a month, he was released from custody on bail for $ 1.6 million. The brothers were under house arrest in a luxury hotel in Asunción for a total of 5 months and waited for the outcome of the proceedings. At the end of August, the two were released again.

Income from dubious businesses

Ronaldinho fortune
Had on social media Ronaldinho promoted extremely volatile cryptocurrenciesthat financial experts were also critical of. These were cryptocurrencies, some of which no longer exist today. Ronaldinho could well have made good money on the sales.

Now Nike would like to start a partnership with the former soccer star again. New shoes are to be brought onto the market which will bear his name. With this he could achieve higher income again. He also intends to that he will switch to politics in the future.

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