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The fortune of chef Alfons Schuhbeck

How rich is Alfons Schuhbeck?

Alfons Schuhbeck said very publicly of himself in 2008 that he is neither a millionaire nor a dishwasher. However, this statement is likely to have been an understatement. For example, he has invested around 5 million euros in his real estate on Platzl alone. For the historic town house in which the Orlando is housed, he spent almost 3 million euros in order to design it according to his ideas. The real estate is rental property, monthly fixed costs of 100,000 euros and gross personnel costs of around 400,000 euros are due each month.

With such sums of money one can imagine that the sales that Alfons Schuhbeck makes must be large. Still he had to July 14, 2021 bankruptcy for its catering operations register, as he hoped for state financial aid until the end. Of course, this does not mean that he is bankrupt as a person. Alfons Schuhbeck continues to have a valued one Assets of 5 million euros.

Tax affair

In June 2019, due to a raid by the tax authorities, it became known that Schuhbeck would have evaded taxes again. Only his Munich catering establishments are said to be involved in this, and none of the other businesses. 25 years ago, the star chef was sentenced to a fine of 250,000 euros and a year in prison on probation for tax evasion. Allegedly there were tax arrears of almost 1.3 million euros.

“I will work very closely and very openly with the authorities to refute all allegations.”


Alfons Schuhbeck's fortune
The celebrity chef certainly got his four children through life quite well. Incidentally, the entrepreneur who presents himself with his own website on the Internet is not married. The chef also presents his philosophy on his own website. There he reports on how he was inspired by the metropolises of London and Paris during his apprenticeship years and how he was able to immerse himself in the world of refined spices. Although he continues to focus primarily on Bavarian cuisine, Schuhbeck gives his dishes with special combinations of spices from all over the world nevertheless a unique touch.

During the time when today’s successful chef learned his trade from the ground up, he also went to Salzburg, Geneva and, of course, to the Capital of Bavaria, Munich, devious. Be it Feinkost Käfer, the Aubergine restaurant by the no less well-known Eckart Witzigmann or Alois Dallmayr, Alfons Schuhbeck has already worked with some of the big names in the gastronomy scene.

Awards for the talented Alfons Schuhbeck

While the son only took over his parents’ Kurhaus parlor in Waging am See in 1980, it was to be his first Michelin star for Alfons, who was still quite young at the time, it wouldn’t last long. The Bavarian was able to look forward to this as a reward for his work in the kitchen back in 1983. In 1989, Schuhbeck was even named “Chef of the Year” by the well-known Gault Millau gourmet guide. This honor is likely to have spurred his career as well.

The list of restaurants in Munich that will go into bankruptcy in 2021:

  • Schuhbeck’s South Tyrolean Stuben
  • Schuhbeck’s Orlando
  • “Alfons” – Fine dining in the Boettners with one star (already closed in 2019)

Orlando by Alfons Schuhbeck
In addition to these restaurants, the Schuhbeck empire also has a tea shop. There is also an ice cream parlor, which can be found in the heart of Munich, as well as a party service and a chocolate shop. The Bavarian has even successfully opened a cooking school. Finally, in 2008, this facility was named by Gault Millau as “Cooking School of the Year” excellent. With no less passion and the will to succeed, the Bavarian also runs four spice shops in Hamburg, Munich, Regensburg and Altötting. Alfons Schuhbeck also owns a cereal shop. The German chef, who can be seen on television again and again, thus covers an unbelievably wide range of culinary delights and highlights.

Schuhbeck and his successes

The chef is truly a good entrepreneur, from whom many can still learn a lot. He knows how to market and he succeeds in doing so with great success. Among other things, he already has published over 40 cookbooksthat are selling well and have already made millions. The show also combined with fine dining – Schuhbeck’s theater – is a box office hit. The spectacle will be performed in Munich, and over the winter it can also be experienced in Linz. The guests are served a multi-course dinner and experience a magic and acrobatics show. A combination of elegant circus and fine dining.

Alfons Schuhbeck has pitched his tents in the heart of Munich, near the Hofbräuhaus am Platzl. Restaurant, cooking school and one shop after another. You just have to see it, half of it Space is in Schuhbeck’s hands. A separate shop for each product group – muesli, spices, tea, ice cream, chocolate … Alfons Schuhbeck definitely made it. Even if it is not one of the top 3 richest chefs in the world, it is still worth millions. Quite a few colleagues like Tim Mälzer or Johann Lafer can learn something from Alfons Schuhbeck when it comes to marketing. Probably no chef has succeeded better than Schuhbeck.

Hardly any time for private matters

The cook is working 18 to 19 hours a day. It is therefore all the more astonishing that he actually had four children. The matching wives are missing, however. Indeed, Alfons Schuhbeck can hardly speak of a private life. Rather, the professional chef has devoted himself to his company and the art of cooking. If you consider that the celebrity chef himself cooks for FC Bayern Munich at away games as part of the Champions League. Then one can speculate that his work life is probably more fulfilling than his private life.

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