Sabrina Clement

Unresolved Case

Since the death of Sabrina Clement, her parents have been out of the house, and her brother Keith Randulich has taken care of her siblings. He told police he killed her so she could not be abused by her family. The police investigation found no evidence supporting Randulich’s stories. However, there are a number of suspects. Despite the fact that many of them are convicted criminals, the case against Sabrina Clement remains unsolved.

A Brutal Killer

Keith Randulich was arrested in 2009, and was found guilty of the killing. He was only 18 years old at the time of the crime, but was later sentenced to 40 years in prison for the killing of the four-year-old girl. While his father was away, Randulich stabbed Sabrina in the basement of their home. The family and neighbors said he is a quiet, unassuming boy, who was quiet and did not seem to be the type to annoy the neighbors.

Scary Murderer 

Police found Clement’s body in the basement of the home, on the floor of the recreation room. Police pronounced her dead at the scene. The Will County coroner’s office determined the cause of death was a sharp force to the neck. The knife used in the attack has not been found yet. Two boys were present when the girl’s body was discovered. The suspects were arrested and are now in custody.

Innocent Girl

After he confessed to killing Sabrina Clement, Keith was charged with the murder of his younger sister. Keith had been playing video games downstairs and left his younger sister in the basement. After he got a conviction, he called 911 and reported his sister’s death. The resulting investigation revealed that he had killed his sister despite having no feelings for killing her. It’s unclear why Keith waited so long to report the murder of his sister.

Intense Concern For Public

Keith Randulich, an Illinois teenager, stabbed four-year-old Sabrina Clement to death. Her parents had already lost two of their children in less than a decade, and Keith was only seventeen years old at the time of the attack. The teenager took Sabrina Clement to the basement of the home while her parents were out. While her parents were away, Randulich took the young girl to the basement. The teenager then cut Sabrina’s throat and stabbed her to death. Sabrina Clement’s death was widely publicized and sparked intense concern from the general public.

Other Examples in the Society 

The case was controversial and polarizing. The death of Sabrina Clement reignited the debate over how siblings should be related. This case also provided a terrible example for society. The accused killer is a 59-year-old man from Mokena, Illinois. It is unclear if he is a child abuser or not, but it was definitely a terrible crime to commit.


Although the case is still ongoing, many people are shocked by this horrific act. Although Randulich received a 40-year sentence for his crime, many are left wondering how he could have possibly murdered such a young woman. There is no evidence to support his claim that he was protecting his sister. A confession by Randulich could lead to freedom, but the case is still alive and well. The case will be decided in court.

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