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Samra: Net Worth & Earnings of the Rapper

How much money does Samra have?

Samra (civil: Hussein Akkouche) grew up in the district of Berlin-Lichterfelde. He has Lebanese roots but was born in Germany. He was best known for his features on Alpa Gun’s album Back to the street. Since then, his career as a rapper has taken off. The cherished Samra’s net worth is 5 million euros.

Rough diamond & other tracks

Samra's fees

The track chaos became particularly famous for dissecting Fler and the street gang that had just become popular. Shortly thereafter, Farid Bang became interested in getting Samra to sign with Banger Musik. Ultimately, Samra had it in 2017 signed by Ersguterjunge – the Bushido label. April 2018 he achieved through the track rough diamond scene-wide attention. The single made it to number 26 in Germany. This laid the foundation for his current fortune.

After yourself Bushido has separated from the Abou Chaker clan, Samra was the only active member. Everyone else, such as Laas or Ali Bumaye, parted ways with Bushido. However, Capital Bra soon joined the label.

The track was released in July 2018 For all of you with Bushido, Samra and Capital Bra. The single entered Austria and Germany at number 1. For Bushido and Samra it was the first number 1 in the singles charts. Samra reached number 1 again with Cataleya in November 2018 and his fortune continued to grow.

In April 2019, Samra and Capital Bra separated from Ersguterjunge. Both released the track We are ticking via the newly founded label from Capital Bra. Another hit. In the same month Samra signed with Universal Urban. Since then he has enjoyed great success. On the track Instincts it says: “It’s all an instinct, I play to win. I’m a million, but I’m still a child at heart. “

Income from singles, albums, and shows

Merit of Samra

It’s going well for Samra. With Harami In April 2019 he released the fourth single, which is number 1 in Germany. With Purple again in collaboration with Capital Bra, he again made it to number 1 in the German single charts.

Released in October 2019 Berlin lives 2, a collaboration album with Capital Bra. The album landed at number 1 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. His debut album Smoking kill due to be released on February 28, 2020 after being postponed once.

Because of its notoriety, the The artist’s fee is around 30,000 euros per show. For his success, Samra received the Award for Best Newcomer National in 2018 and the Hip-Hop Award Best Newcomer 2019.

Samra on Spotify

The streaming business is particularly interesting in German rap. Hardly any other target group is so active on streaming services. With 4.4 million monthly listeners the rapper is undoubtedly one of the hottest artists of the moment. Only Capital Bra, Summer Cem and RAF Camora can keep up.

the Earnings per stream are secret and differs from platform to platform. However, since only Spotify publishes the streaming numbers, we use the data to determine the approximate earnings.

According to the Techbook, a rapper receives up to 0.0084 euro cents per stream. Other sources, on the other hand, report that it is around 4,000 euros per million streams. Either way, the income from Spotify is substantial from Samra.

Income from Samra

His five most popular tracks (all from the album Berlin lives 2):

  • 110: around 530,000 euros with 63 million streams
  • Berlin lives like never before: around 155,000 euros with 18 million streams
  • Huracan: around 261,000 euros with 31 million streams
  • Purple again: around 665,000 euros with 79.1 million streams
  • Tilidin: around 666,300 euros with 79.3 million streams

Advertising revenue from YouTube

Samra runs its own YouTube channel on YouTube with more than 800,000 subscribers. However, only music videos from him or from collaborations with other rappers are posted. According to SocialBlade, up to 80,000 euros per month are converted through the channel. Experience has shown, however, that the CPM is limited for Deutschrap channels. Thus is a YouTube earnings of up to 30,000 euros realistic. With this he can further increase his wealth.

Income from advertising deals

Fans suspect there is a promotional deal with Marlboro. This is of course paid accordingly and further increases Samra’s assets. His debut album Smoking kill should originally Marlboro red mean. In his music video Harami Samra can also be seen for three minutes with a cigarette. In the track Tilidine with Capital Bra it also says: “And life is too short not to smoke.”

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