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Scott Stapp net worth was born on August 8, 1973, in Orlando, Florida, USA. He has some Native American ancestry. He is a person who makes music, writes songs, sings, and is most famous for starting the band Creed. Scott won a Grammy Award and was ranked as the 68th best heavy metal singer by a music magazine called Hit Parader in 2006. He has been part of the music business since 1993.

Scott Stapp Early Life

Scott Stapp net worth who is also called Anthony Scott Flippen, was born in Orlando, Florida, on August 8, 1973. His mum, Lynda, and stepdad, Steven Stapp, brought him up and he changed his last name to match his stepdad’s. He went to Lake Highland Preparatory School in Orlando. That’s where he first met Mark Tremonti, who would become his bandmate later on. They both met again at Florida State University when they were students. They became really good friends because they both loved music a lot, and they started working together on making music.

Scott Stapp Career

Scott Stapp net worth and Tremonti started a band called Creed in 1994. They were joined by Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips. Stapp was the main singer in the band, Tremonti played the guitar (and also sang), Marshall played the bass, and Phillips played the drums. Creed’s first album, “My Own Prison” (1997), was very popular and sold over six million copies. In 1999, they released another successful album called “Human Clay”, which was even more successful than their previous one. It was certified diamond by the RIAA and sold eleven million copies. Their third album, “Weathered” (2001), was a very successful album that sold many copies. However, there were some difficulties. Creed went on a big tour around the country to promote their third album. However, a concert in Chicago caused problems between the band members and eventually led to their breakup. Creed disbanded in 2004.

In 2009, the band Creed got back together and released their fourth album, called “Full Circle,” in October of that same year. They went on a tour to different countries after the album came out in 2009 and 2010. They visited places like North America, South America, Canada, Europe, and Australia. After that, the band has not released any new stuff as of September 2020, but they did get together in 2012 to go on tour again. During their “2 Nights” tour, they played songs from their first two albums.

Besides his work with Creed, Stapp has had a successful career as a solo artist. He first released his first solo album, called “The Great Divide”, in 2005. It reached the highest position on the charts. The album ranked at number 19 on the Billboard 200 chart. It included the songs “The Great Divide”, “Justify”, and “Surround Me”. It got an official gold status from the RIAA. His second solo album, called “Proof of Life”, came out in 2013. Then, his third album, titled “The Space Between the Shadows”, was released in 2019. He has also worked on other projects, such as a cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s song “Fortunate Son” on Carlos Santana’s album “Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time” in 2010. He also created an anthem for the Florida Marlins baseball team called “Marlins Will Soar” in 2010, which was adapted from his own song “You Will Soar”. Additionally, he wrote the song “Relearn Love” with 7 Aurelius and The Tea Party for the album “The Passion of the Christ: Songs” in 2004. He has also gone on many tours as an individual artist, including a tour where he played acoustic music from September to November 2010.

In May 2016, it was said that Stapp would take over as the new main singer of the band Art of Anarchy, filling in for Scott Weiland who had died in December 2015. He first released a song called “The Madness” with the band in August 2016. Then in March 2017, he released an album with the same name, “The Madness”. But in February 2018, it was reported that Stapp was being sued by the band because he didn’t fulfill his contract and refused to promote “The Madness” while on tour.

Besides being a musician, Scott Stapp net worth has also written and published books. He wrote a book called “Sinner’s Creed” and it came out in October 2012. He published it with Tyndale House.

Scott Stapp Personal Life

In 1997, Scott Stapp net worth got married to his first wife named Hillaree Burns. They got married but ended their marriage after only sixteen months in 1998. They have one son named Jagger. After they got divorced, Stapp was given full custody of him.

He got married to his second wife, Jaclyn Stapp, who used to be a beauty queen. They got married in February 2006. They have three kids together – one girl and two boys. After a difficult time in their marriage, Jaclyn actually asked for a divorce in November 2014. But, the couple made up and got back together.They were actually on a popular TV show called “Couples Therapy” in 2015. They were there to talk about the problems in their relationship and how they could start over again.

Scott Stapp net worth has admitted that he has had problems with using harmful substances, specifically Percocet, Xanax, and prednisone. In 2015, he shared in an interview with People magazine that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had gone through a previous episode of losing touch with reality.

Scott Stapp Age and Net Worth

Scott Stapp net worth is now 47 years old. He has earned about $1 million in total from his successful music career, and that’s how much he is worth.

Scott Stapp Height and Measurements

Scott Stapp net worth is 6 feet 1 inch tall. His body measurements are 44 inches around the chest, 34 inches around the waist, and 16 inches around the arms. He has hair that is the color brown and eyes that are also brown.

Scott Stapp Social Media Accounts

Scott Stapp Real Estate

In 2005,Scott Stapp net worth bought a really fancy house by the water in Miami for $5 million. He put his house up for sale in 2007 for $8.5 million, and in the end, he agreed to sell it for $6.8 million in August 2009. In the past few years, the house has been available to rent or buy. The monthly rent is around $50,000, while the buying price ranges from $11-12 million.

In March 2006, Scott bought a big house next to the water in Boca Raton, Florida. He paid $4.95 million for it and the house is 13,000 square feet in size. He sold this house in 2006 for $3.99 million.


Net worth means how much money or valuable things a person or a business has after subtracting what they owe. Scott Stapp is believed to have a total worth of $1 million. This includes the money he made from his music career and the properties he invested in. Besides his properties in Miami and Boca Raton, he also had a big house in Los Angeles that was 10,000 square feet. He sold it for $5.6 million in 2017.

Even though Stapp had money troubles in 2014, he was able to recover with his music projects and working with others. He also was on reality TV shows like “Celebrity Rehab” and “Celebrity Wife Swap,” which made more people know him and gave him more money.

Besides making a lot of money, Stapp also helps out with different charities like the ChildFund Alliance and MusiCares Foundation. He keeps using his status as a musician and famous person to bring attention to problems with mental health and to support groups that help children who are not as privileged.

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