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Sebastian Vettel: assets and salary at Aston Martin

How rich is Sebastian Vettel?

He is undoubtedly one of the greatest talents in Formula 1 so far. The Red Bull Racing Team as the first employer (2009-2014) rewarded him like a king around 16 million euros annually and then there were success bonuses and high-paying advertising contracts. The money he earned at Ferrari in 2015-2020 made him one of the top earners in Formula 1. The total moves around 15 million euros salary per season. Sebastian Vettel owns a estimated fortune of about 250 million euros.

For the 2021 F1 season, Vettel is driving for the new “Aston Martin“Team (formerly Racing Point) drive. According to initial information, he should be in the cockpit of the British car manufacturer Earn 15 million euros in salary per season and ride alongside team owner Lawrence Stroll’s son.

Top driver in Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel fortune
Vettel’s special gift to do his job is a basic requirement for the series of successfully completed races. Building on this, you need a coherent overall concept of training, motivation and relaxation. What leads to success is hard work, and it is rewarded accordingly.

The Formula 1 driver, as well as his racing team, keep a low profile about exact income. Our information may be based on experience and comparative values, occasionally also on observations and one or the other unofficial tip. Even after winning the F-1 series in 2013, Red Bull allowed itself no information about the premiumsthat Vettel had to expect in addition to the “normal salary”. So it can only be said that Sebastian Vettel’s fortune is currently estimated at 250 million eurosthat he has earned through his sporting achievements and advertising contracts.

How much money does Sebastian Vettel earn at Ferrari?

Sebastian Vettel salary at Ferrari
Success is rewarded and outstanding achievements result in special remuneration. In prestigious and advertising-heavy industries such as Formula 1, these sums are comparatively high. Nevertheless, the racing driver colleagues Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton are at the top of the Formula 1 payroll for a long time and earned more money. At the beginning of October 2016, Sebb announced that it would be with Red Bull Racing contract running until 2015 not to renew again. He switched to Ferrari, replacing Fernando Alonso who was changing to McLaren.

The conditions for this have been increased again after his previous world champion titles and he received a fixed amount of 50,000,000 euros in the first year (2015). In the following years, his base salary amounted to 30,000,000 million euros + bonuses for points and race wins. We’re talking about a million per win here. In May 2020 it was announced that Ferrari would like to extend with Seb, but for half of the salary. Thus, Vettel will no longer drive for Ferrari in the 2021 season and the rumors condense into a contract with “Aston Martin”.

Aston Martin Salary

At Aston Martin Racing, Sebastian will earn “only” 15 million euros per season from 2021 and will drive alongside team-mate Lance Stroll. The owner of the team is Lawrence Stroll, Lance’s father. The predecessor Sergio Perez receives a severance payment of 10 million euros and has to leave the team early until 2022 despite a valid contract.

Top advertising contracts

Sebastian Vettel income
Vettel’s successes also generate secondary income. The interest curve in F-1 events, which fell downwards at the end of Michael Schuhmacher’s active time, has been pointing upwards again since the Heppenheimer has been on the road to success. Both sponsors and advertising partners can cost something. Through his appearances as a testimonial of different brands and products such as Brown, Tirendo and the global corporation Procter & Gamble is the young star, who will just turn 29 this year, with Advertising contracts that bring him between three and four million euros in annual income. Amazingly, Vettel remains very modest. Industry experts confirm that it has much greater potential than it is currently exploiting. More than double the current advertising income should therefore be possible.

Sebastian Vettel’s house

How much gold is not so easy to determine in the case of Sebastian Vettel. His refuge in Canton of Thurgau in Switzerland could not be determined due to a lack of official information about the purchase price, market and estimated value. The domicile should not have been cheap, considering the location and size. The Formula 1 star has around 60 hectares to retreat to.

Sebastian Vettel Red Bull

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